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how to draw a toothbrush ready to wash some teeth

How To Draw A Toothbrush

Learning how to draw a toothbrush ... yeah ... I know, it's probable not the most exciting subject to work with. After all, this common object is just a simple tool we use a few times each day. Finding the motivation to illustrate a cartoon toothbrush can be slightly difficult. In this lesson, our challenge will be to draw a version that looks realistic, appealing, but still easy to create. Ready? Let's see how we can sketch the object above in just a few easy steps ...

Drawing the cartoon toothbrush using simple shapes & lines

First, let's work on the shank and the handle using mostly curved lines. As you can see below, the silhouette of the object is made from a long oval shape. The shank (near the top) is thinner and becomes larger near the bottom. The handle is narrow near the middle, but slightly larger on the bottom. Notice the angle of the object as well as the selected view.

How To Draw A Toothbrush

Bristles are represented by thin cylinders. A small oval shape is drawn near the end of the cylinders. In the illustration found below, twenty-five batches of bristles were created. Now that the toothbrush clip art is completed drawn, let's focus on adding colors and simple digital effects.

How To Draw A Toothbrush

The first thing we can do to create some volume inside this object is to use gradients. Indeed, adding two colors instead of one can give more depth to a shape quickly and easily. For example, notice how the handle is slightly darker near the middle, but brighter on the bottom. You can also use this technique on the shank and inside all bristles.

How To Draw A Toothbrush

creating simple shadows inside the toothbrush clip art

We are not done yet! There are still a few things we can do to enhance this illustration. In this step, our goal is to draw a few basic shadows to create more volume. These new elements must be filled with a dark blue color. It's also a good idea to play with the opacity of these new shapes. Most shadows are quite visible on one end, but almost invisible near the other.

For this drawing lesson, you can draw a shadow below the bristles and another one near the bottom of the shank. These shadows can be seen below (with a temporary pink outline). Make sure all shapes are partially transparent ... it's very important!

How To Draw A Toothbrush

highlights to create more depth and volume

Dark shapes are nice, but adding brighter ones is also a great idea. For this step, we need to create two more reflections made from white shapes. Just like we did for shadows, transparency must be added to both additions. These new shapes are also added on the shank and the handle (which are usually made from shiny materials).

How To Draw A Toothbrush

nice work learning how to draw a toothbrush

Well, that was fun! You can see the final cartoon toothbrush below once all shapes, colors and effects are added to the drawing. Of course, you can draw more models using various colors, patterns and textures if you want to. This lesson should only be a starting point for all your future creations. Just be creative and draw more appealing brushes!

How To Draw A Toothbrush
How To Draw A Toothbrush

Above, you can see all steps grouped into a single cartoon illustration. Now that this tutorial on how to draw a toothbrush is completed, you are invited to try more objects from the same series here. Have fun drawing! :)

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