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how to draw a toaster filled with a nice slice of bread

How to draw a toaster

Yes, I know ... learning how to draw a toaster might not seem too challenging at first. After all, it's just a box with a few slots on top, right? Although it's a simple object to draw, learning how to create cool effects to make our subject much appealing can be a real challenge. In this tutorial. I will show you how to create a cartoon toaster filled with simple shadows and reflections in just six easy steps. Once you are done, breakfast will be served!

drawing the main shape of the cartoon toaster using lines

First, let's draw the main shape of the object using mostly subtle curved lines. You will need to create perspective since the subject is shown using an angle. All three gray rectangles are used only to guide you in the process. Also, notice how all outlines are sharp and pointed near the end.

How to draw a toaster

Adding more details ... and a slice of bread!

On top of the machine, you can draw two slots using long and thin rectangles. Inside the slot located on the left, you can sketch a slice of bread using more simple curved lines. In front, a lever is drawn using more curved lines. Now that our cartoon toaster is created, it's time to add some colors and effects.

How to draw a toaster

Adding gradient colors

Inside all shapes, add gradient colors to create a little bit of depth. As you can see below, each shape is now filled with two different colors. For instance, the bread is darker on the bottom and brighter on top. This illustration looks great, but we can definitely make it better by adding just a few more effects.

How to draw a toaster

drawing subtle shadows to create more volume

Adding shadows is another simple thing we can do to create more volume inside our illustration. Simply draw new darker shapes and make these new additions slightly transparent. 

You can add shadows inside the bread, on the crust of the bread, behind the bread, below the lever and on the right side of the toaster. Our goal is to create shadows that are visible enough to create more depth, but subtle enough so that these new shapes don't become simple distractions.

How to draw a toaster

Creating bright highlights to complete this lesson

Darker areas are nice to create more volume inside this cartoon toaster, but adding bright shapes can also be a good idea. For this step, add four new shapes colored in white on areas shown below (with the temporary pink outlines). Once again, make sure that all shapes are partially transparent.

How to draw a toaster

good job learning how to draw a toaster!

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a toaster filled with simple effects and colors. Creating perspective might be your biggest challenge. For this drawing, I have tried adding perspective without drawing guidelines. It's more difficult, but it can be done.

How to draw a toaster
How to draw a toaster

Above you can see all six steps required to illustrate this object properly. Don't hesitate to draw more cartoon toasters using different colors, buttons, textures, angles and shapes. Looking for more things to draw? Great! You can find a fun list of cartoon objects that you can draw in just minutes! Additional resources can also be found below. Have fun! :)

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