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How to Draw A Tiger using simple shapes and lines

How To Draw A Tiger Using Simple Shapes And Lines

Learning how to draw a tiger made from rectangles and triangles might seem like a weird exercise. However, creating a fun animal using these unusual shapes can be easier. Indeed, shapes like circles and ovals are more difficult to assemble. Sure, the result will be less realistic, but drawing this character should be less challenging.

So, how can we sketch simple tigers that are cute and easy to recognize? First, you must sketch large paws. A large nose made from a triangular shape is also required. It's also important to draw several small stripes on the animal as shown in the example above. Ready? Let's proceed with this lesson now ...

drawing the body using a basic rectangle

First, draw the body of the cartoon tiger using a long rectangle. This one must be placed vertically. Make sure that the shape is wide enough to contain all the details like the head, the stripes and the front legs.

How To Draw A Tiger

sketching more body parts like the ears and the legs

On top of the main shape, you can sketch the ears using small rectangles. Notice how these new additions are aligned with the top of the head. Next, repeat the same process, but this time on the bottom of the subject. Our goal is to create two large back legs using more solid rectangles.

How To Draw A Tiger

adding the front legs and the nose

You can complete the bottom part of the cartoon tiger by adding the front legs using smaller rectangles. These shapes can be close to each other. Near the top of the main shape, you can sketch the nose using a triangle. Below the nose, add a patch using a thin square.

How To Draw A Tiger

drawing the mouth and some stripes

Inside the patch located below the nose, you can draw the mouth using three short lines. Great work! This lesson on how to draw a tiger is progressing nicely. :)

Using several small triangles, you can now draw the stripes inside the body as shown in the illustration below. In this case, six sets of stripes were added around the main shape.

How To Draw A Tiger

sketching more details to complete this lesson

Above the nose, you can draw two small dots to form the eyes of the cartoon character. Below the mouth, sketch two small triangles to illustrate the teeth. Inside the feet, small lines are also added to complete this illustration. One last step is required to complete this lesson.

How To Draw A Tiger

how to draw a tiger filled with bright colors

Now that the tiger is completed, you can add colors to bring the animal to life. This basic image is filled with orange and brown colors. The stripes, the nose and the eyes can be black. Gradient fills were also used to create more depth inside the character.

How To Draw A Tiger

Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a tiger is now completed. Below, you can see all steps needed to illustrate this tiger quickly and easily. Don't hesitate to use this image as a reference.

How To Draw A Tiger Using Simple Shapes And Lines

Now that we are done with this version, feel free to work with more fun cartoon tigers below. Have fun with these additional resources and don't forget to practice on a daily basis! :)

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