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How to Draw a Taco That Looks Hot

How To Draw A Taco That Looks Hot

You can learn how to draw a taco from a simple perspective using this basic step-by-step lesson. This delicious Mexican meal is filled with colorful ingredients that are fun to illustrate. Once you are familiar with this tutorial, sketching more tacos from different angles should be relatively easy.

Tacos can be filled with a wide variety of ingredients. Indeed, some prefer to use beef or pork while others will cook chicken or beans. You can also add salsa and sour cream to give more taste to the product. Don't forget to add a few vegetables or even cheese if you want to enjoy a delicious meal filled with cool flavors.

sketching two basic shapes to begin with

First, let's sketch two basic shapes to form both sides of the taco shell. Notice how these rectangles are slightly irregular. It's also important to make sure that both shapes are pretty similar. Make sure to create a nice angle and study the position of both shapes in the work space.

How To Draw A Taco That Looks Hot

drawing the taco shell

Now that we have a few shapes to work with, it's time to draw the silhouette of the cartoon taco using long curved lines. First, draw the two sides separately. Next, add two short lines near the bottom to join both panels. A little bit of depth is created using short curved lines near the edges.

How To Draw A Taco That Looks Hot

adding good stuff inside the taco

Now that the shell is created, you can erase both gray shapes that were drawn in the first step. It's now time to add fun ingredients using several small and irregular lines.

Inside this taco, you can start by adding beef on the bottom part of the subject. On the upper part of the taco, sketch a few vegetables like salad and tomatoes.

How To Draw A Taco That Looks Hot

drawing cheese to add more flavor

It can also be a good idea to draw some cheese inside the cartoon taco. These new additions are made from several short curved lines. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a taco is progressing nicely. It's now time to proceed with colors!

How To Draw A Taco That Looks Hot

working with plain colors

A nice illustration is always more appealing when colors are used. First, add a bright golden color to the shell. Next, you can use two or three different brown colors for the beef. For the salad, a bright green color will do. Complete this step by adding a red color for the tomatoes and a yellow one for the cheese. Yes, this taco looks delicious now. :)

How To Draw A Taco That Looks Hot

using more colors to create a little bit of depth

Inside the taco, you can use a darker color to create more volume. Another layer of color is also used on the edges of the shell to complete this step. If you look closely to the image found below, you should see three various golden colors.

How To Draw A Taco That Looks Hot

creating a basic texture using small dots

Finally, you can complete this tutorial by adding small dots inside the shell. These dots are filled with a darker golden color. You can see these new elements below (surrounded by a temporary pink color).

How To Draw A Taco That Looks Hot

Nice work learning how to draw a taco

Great work! You can see the final illustration below. As I said earlier, you can now sketch more versions using various ingredients and condiments. Possibilities are endless. Don't hesitate to play with the size, the colors, the textures and the proportions of the taco too. Just be creative!

How To Draw A Taco That Looks Hot

Below you can see all eight steps grouped into a single illustration. Feel free to study all these steps carefully if you need more assistance.

How To Draw A Taco That Looks Hot

Now that we are done with this lesson on how to draw a taco, you are invited to try more delicious food here. A few samples of what you can find in this section is also available below. Have fun drawing and don't forget to practice on a daily basis. :)

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