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how to draw a spoon using a fun perspective

How to draw a spoon

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a spoon made from basic shapes and effects in just six easy steps. I will show you how to add shadows and highlights so that you can end up with a more realistic version of this everyday object. Ready? Grab a pencil (or open your vector application) and let's proceed with the first step now ...

Adding two basic shapes to begin with

It's always a good idea to use basic shapes to create a basic template that will help us locate the subject in our workspace. You can also adjust the proportions and choose a viewing angle. For this object, let's move on with a traditional view like the one shown below.

How to draw a spoon

Drawing the basic shape of the cartoon spoon

This is the most important step of this lesson. It's time to draw the silhouette of the object. All lines that must be drawn are displayed in pink. The green lines are just simple guidelines to help you figure out how curved lines must be drawn on the handle. Once the shape is created, you can erase the oval shape and the rectangle added earlier.

How to draw a spoon

Let's add gradient colors

Inside the spoon, you can add gradient colors to create a little bit of depth. As for the handle, simply add a nice gray color (just plain colors). We will add more effects later on this part of the object. Good work! This lesson on how to draw a spoon is progressing nicely.

How to draw a spoon

drawing subtle shadows on the object

In this step, let's draw two simple shadows to give more volume to our illustration. Both new shapes must be filled with a dark gray color. You can see both additions below (drawn with temporary blue outlines).

It's also important to apply some transparency on both shapes so that we can end up with a realistic result. Our goal is to create shadows that are stronger in some areas and almost invisible elsewhere.

How to draw a spoon

creating beautiful highlights

Now that we have created strong shadows on the cartoon spoon, let's draw a few highlights to make this object shine a little bit. Inside the spoon and on the handle, draw two white shapes as shown below. Once again, make sure that both new shapes are partially transparent.

How to draw a spoon

great work learning how to draw a spoon!

This is the final version of the cartoon spoon once all shapes and digital effects are added. Of course, you can also try to create more versions using different shapes, colors, patterns and effects. Spoons can be made of metal, wood, silver, plastic or anything else you want.

How to draw a spoon
How to draw a spoon

Above you can see all steps grouped inside a single illustration. Don't forget to practice as often as possible. That's the key to become better at drawing. Are you done with the spoon? Great! Let's try to draw more objects using more lessons from the same series here.

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