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how to draw a sponge filled with simple effective textures

How to draw a sponge

Learning how to draw a sponge might not seem like the most exciting thing to do at first. Indeed, draw a cute cat, a cool car or a monster are definitely more appealing. Still, drawing this simple object can represent a nice challenge that all aspiring artist should try at least once. It doesn't require advanced drawing abilities, but you need to be able to draw some basic effects properly to create an appealing version of a cartoon sponge.

Using rectangles to form the shape of the sponge

First, let's use three simple rectangles to create the shape of the cartoon sponge. We need to create a simple perspective like the one shown below. It's also important to make sure that all lines are irregular or kind of sketchy. Once the form of the object is created, you can erase all three rectangles.

How to draw a sponge

Adding gradient colors

For this second step, you can draw water on the bottom of the object. Then, you can apply gradient colors inside all shapes to create some depth. This simple illustration is cool, but adding some details could certainly help increase the level of realism of our cute illustration.

How to draw a sponge

drawing small dark holes

All sponge are filled with small holes that are visible on all surfaces. To create subtle (and realistic) holes, we need to start by adding small black shapes all over the object. These shapes are not circular, but rather stretched out.

These new shapes must also be partially transparent so that we can end up with the subtle result we are looking for. You can see all new shapes below (with the temporary pink outlines).

How to draw a sponge

brighter holes to create contrast

Dark shapes are nice to create holes, but adding brighter elements can help create more contrast. These new elements will also create more depth and volume instantly! Once again, you can see all new shapes below with temporary pink outlines.

How to draw a sponge

Drawing reflections on water

Water can be tricky to illustrate. It's transparent, reflective and quite hard to get right. To help us in our quest for realism, you can draw a few reflections on water using new white shapes. Of course, these new elements must also be partially transparent to achieve this effect properly.

How to draw a sponge

Learning how to draw a sponge was a fun experience!

One last step is needed for this lesson on how to draw a sponge that looks great. Since the cartoon sponge is standing on water, adding the mirror effect of the sponge inside the water will help create a more realistic illustration. Make sure that the result is subtle and hardly noticeable, Simply compare the illustration found below with the one from the previous step to see the difference.

How to draw a sponge
How to draw a sponge

I hope you had fun learning to draw this cute cartoon object. You can try more versions using various colors, details and textures if you want to. The key is to practice as often as possible. Now that this lesson is completed, you can proceed to the complete list of cartoon objects and select another fun lesson to try! :)

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