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how to draw a snowman using several fun examples

How To Draw A Snowman Using Several Fun Examples

Learning how to draw a snowman can now be done using five cool examples from this series. You will learn to use basic shapes to create this character in just a few minutes. If you want to go one step further, you will also have the opportunity to add more complex effects to your work using cool shadows and reflections. Hopefully, drawing a cool cartoon snowman will become and easy task once you are done with these fun tutorials.

A snowman can be dressed using many accessories. The most common ones are a large black hat, a simple scarf, a carrot, dark buttons and branches to form the arms. Of course, don't hesitate to use your imagination to add anything else you can think of. Let's start this collection with our first subject below.

drawing a cute snowman using mostly squares and rectangles

This first snowman clipart is made from basic squares and rectangles. Both eyes are done using large circular shapes that are partially cropped on both sides. Pupils are also made from large circles. You can draw the mouth using a basic curved line. On top of the head, you can sketch the hat using thinner rectangles. Yes, the scarf is also represented using these shapes.

Buttons are drawn on the chest using tiny circles. For the branches, you can use straight lines. Once you are done creating the character, you can add plain colors. That was easy!

How To Draw A Snowman

Working with circles and oval shapes

Our next lesson on how to draw a snowman is featuring a subject made from circular shapes. This is a more traditional technique used to draw these fun characters. In this illustration, the head and body are made from perfect oval shapes. Only the middle part is narrower than both ends.

For the hat, you can use more straight lines as shown below. Both eyes are done using perfect circles. Pupils are large and made from the same shapes. A triangle is used to form the nose (or the carrot) and both arms are created from irregular lines. Complete this image by adding dots to represent the mouth and buttons.

How To Draw A Snowman

another basic image made from circles and lines

The third character from this series is also made from perfect circles. This time, the cartoon snowman is done using a less cartoonish appearance. The hat is long, thin and made from irregular lines. Instead of using large circular shapes to form the eyes, these are now made from simple dots.

A long and thin nose is created with a triangle. The scarf is thick and made using basic textures. Arms are also thin and mostly made using lines. Unlike previous character who were filled with plain colors, this one was brought to life using gradients.

How To Draw A Snowman

It's time to add some cool effects!

For this fourth lesson, you can work on a snowman drawing filled with cool effects like shadows and reflections. This lesson is focusing on adding these effects, so the step-by-step process to create the character is rather basic. First, sketch the character using curved lines and basic shapes. Once again, the subject is gifted with large eyes and pupils. The nose is also impressive.

Next, add gradients inside the illustration. In the fifth step, you can add shadows using new (and darker) shapes. Make sure these new elements are partially transparent (step six). In the seventh step, huge highlights made from white shapes are added to the character. Once again, make sure these new additions are partially transparent.

How To Draw A Snowman

how to draw a snowman using most of these tips

Our last tutorial is featuring a snowman cartoon made using most tips found on this page. You can begin this lesson by creating the character using several lines and shapes. For this version, the eyes are made from huge dots. Then, add gradients to give more depth to the illustration.

You can also add some shadows and reflections like we did in the previous lesson. It's important to make sure that these new additions are partially transparent. Small reflections are also added inside the eyes to create a unique look. Great work!

How To Draw A Snowman

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a snowman using all examples found in this series. This character is quite simple to illustrate, but using most of these tips can help you create a more appealing result. Once you are done with these lessons, you can try more fun series featuring tons of new characters here. Enjoy!

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