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How to Draw A Snake that looks cute using basic shapes

How To Draw A Snake That Looks Cute Using Basic Shapes

Learning how to draw a snake made from squares and rectangles might seem like a weird thing to do. However, these basic shapes are relatively easy to create making this lesson even more accessible to aspiring artists. Indeed, curved lines and circular shapes are usually harder to create.

Assembling rectangles and squares to form a recognizable version of your subject is definitely easier to achieve. Snakes don't have a complex body filled with arms and legs to illustrate. Drawing this simple animal using these basic elements should be an easy task. :)

adding a simple rectangle to form the head

When sketching animals and characters, it's always easier to start with the head. After all, this is the most important part of the body (and the one viewers are most likely to look at). For this step, sketch a nice vertical rectangle as shown in the image below.

How To Draw A Snake

Drawing the upper part of the body

Next, add a small neck using another rectangle. This snake is standing in a basic posture, so let's sketch this one using several more rectangles. You can start by adding the first horizontal shape below the neck. Make sure this new shape is not too large.

How To Draw A Snake

sketching more rectangles to form the lower part of the body

Under the thin rectangle, draw two more horizontal shapes to form the body of the subject. Make sure that all new shapes are slightly larger than the original one. You can see the result so far below. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a snake is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Snake

adding simple details to the animal

Now that the silhouette of the character is completed, you can add some details to bring this one to life. First, draw the eyes using small dark dots. Notice how both eyes are close to each other. This technique can help create a funnier version of this character.

Next, add a tongue using three small lines. Both lines near the end are sharper and pointed. Finally, you can draw a tiny triangle on top of the last rectangle to complete the tip of the tail (or body).

How To Draw A Snake

drawing fun patches all over the body

Snakes are usually covered with small patches. Since this character is entirely made from squares and rectangles (except for the eyes), you can use squares to draw the patches. These new shapes are only added to the body of the subject.

How To Draw A Snake

How to draw a snake filled with cool colors

Inside the character, you can add colors to bring this image to life. I like to use gradients to create more depth and volume. Notice how all parts of the body are darker near the bottom and brighter on top. The snake can be green while the patches are yellow.

How To Draw A Snake

Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a snake is now completed. You can see the final illustration below. Don't hesitate to use this image as a reference.

How To Draw A Snake That Looks Cute Using Basic Shapes

Now that we are done with this original snake, feel free to try similar lessons below. Have fun with these additional resources and just practice as often as possible. That's the key to success! :)

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