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How to Draw A Snail created from squares and rectangles

How To Draw A Snail Created From Squares And Rectangles

You can learn how to draw a snail using mostly squares and rectangles in this fun step-by-step lesson. The fun thing about this tutorial is that anyone can do it. As long as you can sketch a few basic shapes, then assembling this character will be relatively easy.

This adorable insect is usually drawn with long curved lines, oval shapes and circles. Our challenge will be to create a cute version using rough shapes made with sharp corners and edges. Just like this cool animal, all you need to do is take your time to reach your goal. Practicing is the key.

Ready? Let's see how we can draw a basic cartoon snail in minutes using this simple lesson.

sketching the shell using a basic rectangle

First, let's draw the shell of the snail using a vertical rectangle. Notice that this rectangle is almost a square. We need room inside the shape to draw the pattern. It's also important to leave some room on both sides of the animal so that we can create the head and the tail later in this tutorial. Great! Let's proceed with the second step now. :)

How To Draw A Snail

adding a simple head using another thin rectangle

Next, you can draw another thin rectangle on the left side of the shell to illustrate the head. This new addition must be higher than the original shape. It's also thinner since we don't want the subject to be gifted with an oversized head. Nice! This tutorial on how to draw a snail is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Snail

creating a simple neck below the head

Below the head of the insect, you can sketch a thin rectangle to form the neck. This new element must be aligned with the bottom of the shell. It's also thin and placed vertically. You can see the progression of the subject in the picture below.

How To Draw A Snail

drawing more important details

On the right side of the shell, you can draw a tiny triangle to illustrate the tail of the creature. Once again, the new shape must be aligned with the bottom of the shell. We need to draw a short and pointed tail.

Inside the shell, you can draw a pattern made from a long broken line. Since this character is made from rough shapes like squares and rectangles, you can use straight lines to form the pattern. Also, notice how the line is getting narrower near the center of the subject.

How To Draw A Snail

Sketching a cute facial expression

It's time to add a fun personality to the character. First, you can draw both eyes using small dots. These circular shapes are close to each other and located on top of the head. Near the bottom of the head, you can draw a long broken line to form the mouth.

How To Draw A Snail

completing this lesson on how to draw a snail with colors

Adding colors in always a good idea. It's the easiest way to bring a simple illustration to life. For this lesson, the shell of the snail is filled with a nice brown color. The head and the tail can be green. Gradients are used to give more depth to the illustration. Notice how the bottom of most shapes are now darker compared to the top.

How To Draw A Snail

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a snail made from basic shapes. You can sketch more versions using different textures, postures and colors. If you need more inspiration, simply try some of the additional lessons found below. Have fun sketching and remember to practice often. :)

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