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how to draw a shovel that can dig anything

How to draw a shovel

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a shovel that looks appealing using simple tips and techniques. Adding fun shadows, highlights and textures will help you convert a simple cartoon shovel into a more realistic one. If you can use a vector application for this lesson, then feel free to do so. Creating most effects should be easier that way. If you can't, then no problem. Just draw similar effects using pencils or paint. :)

working on the silhouette of the cartoon shovel

First, let's draw the silhouette of the object using simple curved and straight lines. Start by creating the grip with straight lines. The handle is made from a long rectangle. The collar is done using a triangle. Complete this step by sketching the blade with simple curved lines.

How to draw a shovel

adding small details inside the object

Inside the grip, draw a few straight lines to create a simple texture. You can also draw a screw on the collar as shown in the illustration below. Now that this shovel is finished, let's proceed with the most important part of this lesson: adding colors and cool digital effects.

How to draw a shovel

gradients to create depth quickly and easily

The first thing we can do to create a more realistic cartoon shovel is add gradients. Basically, all parts of the object must be filled with two versions of the same color (one dark and another one brighter). For this lesson, the grip is colored in red, the handle is brown and the blade is gray.

How to draw a shovel

creating nice and effective shadows

In order to create more volume inside the illustration, it's a good idea to draw subtle shadows. These new elements are usually filled with a darker color and must be partially transparent. For a better result, make sure the top of all shadows is nearly invisible while the bottom is still slightly opaque.

You can draw shadows on the top and bottom of the handle. One shape is also drawn on top of the collar and another one is created below this one. Finally, a large shadow is sketched on the left side of the blade.

How to draw a shovel

adding highlights and textures

On top of the collar, you can draw a white shape and make this one partially transparent. Repeat the same process inside the blade using a larger shape. Complete this lesson by adding simple textures (straight lines) inside the handle.

How to draw a shovel

good work learning how to draw a shovel

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a shovel that looks appealing and filled with cool effects. You can now use all tips that you have learned here to create more cartoon shovels. You can sketch new shapes for the blades, try new colors and create more textures. Possibilities are almost endless!

How to draw a shovel
How to draw a shovel

Above you can see all steps required to illustrate this object properly. Now that you know how to draw a cute shovel, why not try more fun objects from the same series here? ;)

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