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How to draw a sea animal using a few adorable examples

How To Draw A Sea Animal (crab)

Learn how to draw a sea animal using four simple examples located below. First, we will draw a nice cartoon crab using a few basic shapes. Then, I will show you how to draw a jellyfish using the same template. Once you are done., you can also try an adorable lobster and a simple octopus. The fun aspect of all these lessons is that once you are able to create one character, drawing all remaining three will be relatively easy.

a simple crab made from curved lines

First, let's draw a simple crab using a few curved lines. The head and the body are made from squares with round corners. Next, you can draw two eyes using dots. The mouth is made from one single curved line. Add six tiny legs on both sides of the body. Create two claws using a circular shape with a triangular hole in the middle. Simple color the character in orange and you are done.

How To Draw A Sea Animal (crab)

using the same template to illustrate a jellyfish

The next character we can work on is a beautiful cartoon jellyfish made from long curved lines. You can start by sketching the head and the body using the same template as the one created previously. Next, create all small tentacles using more curved lines.

Then, draw two eyes using small dots and create a short curved line to form the mouth. Inside the body, duplicate the head and the body to form a basic patch. Add a dark blue color inside the body and a brighter version of the same color inside the patch.

How To Draw A Sea Animal (jellyfish)

this cute lobster cannot be the star of your meal

This time, let's create a simple cartoon lobster. The head, the body and the claws are all made using the same techniques as the ones used for the crab. A small tail is added on the bottom of the body. Next, draw two small antennas using short curved lines.

Eyes are made from tiny circular shapes. One large line represents the mouth. Finally, draw six long legs on both sides of the body and a few lines on the chest. Don't forget to add a bright red color inside the character.

How To Draw A Sea Animal (lobster)

One last animal to work with ... a fun octopus

We cannot learn how to draw a sea animal without working with a cute cartoon octopus. First, draw the head and the body using the same technique as above. Next, sketch six large tentacles using long curved lines that are pointed near the end.

Eyes are made from simple tiny dots. The mouth is also created from a short curved line. Circular patches are added inside the head of the octopus. More patches are drawn inside all six tentacles using curved lines.

How To Draw A Sea Animal (octopus)

Now you know how to draw a sea animal that looks cool

Well, in fact you know how to draw four different sea animals. Creating even more cartoon animals from the sea is easy if you are using all the tips learned here. Even more characters like farm animals, wild animals and insects from the same series can be found here. Have fun creating cool cartoon animals and don't forget to practice as often as possible.

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