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how to draw a screwdriver ready to be used

how to draw a screwdriver

Learn how to draw a screwdriver using mostly basic shapes and colors in this simple step-by-step drawing lesson. I will show you how to illustrate this fun object in no time using appealing effects to help you create a believable illustration. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step now ...

working on the silhouette of the object

In this first step, all we need to do is create the shank and the handle of the object using basic shapes. Notice how the top of the handle is created using smooth curved lines. The bottom of the handle is slightly more complicated to create. The blade and the tip of the object are created using sharp lines.

how to draw a screwdriver

adding a few details on the handle

We need a good grip on the handle so that's why it's important to draw three long rectangles inside this one. Near the junction of the handle and the shank, you can draw a thin rectangle as shown in the illustration below.

how to draw a screwdriver

working with gradient colors

Now that the drawing aspect of this cartoon screwdriver is completed, let's add some colors inside the image. For this step, simple add gradients on the handle and the shank to create some depth. Both ends of the subject can be slightly brighter while the middle part can be darker.

how to draw a screwdriver

creating subtle shadows

Another thing we can do to improve this illustration is create subtle shadows all over the object. These new shapes must be filled with a darker color. However, you can use transparency and play with the opacity of these new shapes so that we can end up with a subtle result.

You can add shadows on the bottom of the grip, near the bottom of the handle and on top of the shank. You can see all new shapes below (with a temporary blue outline).

how to draw a screwdriver

adding highlights and reflections to create more volume

This time, you need to draw new shapes that are colored in white. Once again, these new elements must be partially transparent to create the desired effect. Three different highlights were added inside this cartoon screwdriver as you can see below.

how to draw a screwdriver

Nice work learning how to draw a screwdriver

You can see the final image below once all shapes, colors and effects are added. Of course, you can also try to change the blade of the object, use different colors or try new patterns and textures. Just be creative and draw new tools that are visually appealing and also realistic (or not!).

how to draw a screwdriver
how to draw a screwdriver

Now that learning how to draw a screwdriver is not a secret for you anymore, why not try more cool objects from the same series here and see how it goes? ;)

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