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how to draw a scooter using solid shapes and fun effects

How to draw a scooter

Learning how to draw a scooter that looks cute and appealing can easily be done using mostly basic shapes and plain colors. That's exactly the purpose of this drawing lesson featuring this intriguing vehicle. I will show you how to add rectangles, squares, circles and oval shapes to form the object in just six easy steps. These shapes are then mostly colored in black and gray to give more depth to the illustration. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step of this lesson now ...

adding the main components of the vehicle

First, let's draw the main shapes that are used to illustrate the scooter. You can start with the steering column using a long vertical rectangle. Near the bottom, draw two more rectangles to form the headtube. The deck is made from a few simple lines. Add two oval shapes to represent the wheels. Cool. Now we have the basic frame to help us built this vehicle using more simple shapes.

How to draw a scooter

Drawing the folding mechanism and the mudguards

On the bottom of the headtube, you can draw two more basic shapes to create the folding mechanism. Notice how the shape on the right is slightly curved on top. Next, draw a fork on both wheels and sketch the mudguards using irregular shapes mostly made from curved lines.

How to draw a scooter

Working on those wheels

Since the object is drawn using a small perspective, it's important to proceed with care while drawing the wheels. In this step, we need to draw three more circular shapes inside each wheel. However, these new elements cannot be centered if we wish to achieve the desired effect.

How to draw a scooter

Drawing the handles

This part of the scooter is probably the most challenging one to complete. The perspective is slightly more difficult to achieved and proportions must be accurate to deliver a realistic result. Notice the angle of the handles since this is the most important aspect of this part of the vehicle that must be done right.

Basically, we need to draw three different cylinders that are joined by two smaller ones. These cylinders are made from rectangles and short circles. Make sure that the center of this new element is aligned properly with the steering column.

How to draw a scooter

A few more details that must be added

All we need to do to complete the drawing part of this tutorial is to create a few simple details on top and near the bottom of the steering column. These new details are mostly made from small oval shapes and rectangles.

How to draw a scooter

adding plain colors

Like I said previously, this object is mostly filled with gray colors. Only a few elements like the handles, the wheels and the suspension are colored in black. Your goal is to use a wide variety of gray tones to make sure that all parts are filled with enough contrast and easy to read.

How to draw a scooter

Good job learning how to draw a scooter!

That's it for this lesson on how to draw a scooter from scratch. Below you can see all the steps required to illustrate this vehicle properly. I hope you had fun working with this object and don't hesitate to create more version using different parts, colors and shapes.

How to draw a scooter

It's time to try other vehicles made from basic shapes and colors. You can see a small sample below. Have fun with these additional resources! :)

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