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how to draw a scale that looks great using perspective

How To Draw A Scale

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a scale made from simple shapes and colors in just a few easy steps. Since this object is rather easy to illustrate, our subject will be displayed using a simple angle to make this lesson more challenging. Scales are scary things.

The object itself is not frightening, but the result displayed onscreen can be! Maintaining a healthy weight can be a difficult task for most of us. For this lesson, let's forget about all the distraction and let's concentrate on the scale. Ready? Great! Let's proceed to the first step of this lesson on creating a cartoon scale ...

working on the silhouette of the cartoon scale

Like I said earlier, this object is pretty easy to draw. Let's add a challenge by creating some perspective in the drawing. First, you can draw the silhouette of the subject using a large rectangle sketched with round corners. The top of the object is leaning towards the right while the bottom is facing the left.

Next, you can duplicate this shape to create the depth located on the right side of the scale. Make sure that the transition between both shapes is simple and smooth. Two small stands are created using curved lines.

How To Draw A Scale

On top of the object, you can draw the display using another rectangular shape created with round corners. To add a little bit of volume, you can add another line on top (left) of the display. A few lines are drawn inside the display (one of them being longer and thicker).

How To Draw A Scale

It's now time to add some colors inside this cartoon scale. The whole object is filled with a dark blue color. The side of the object can be filled with a darker version of the color. The display is brighter and all lines are colored in black except one (it must be red).

How To Draw A Scale

adding some effects like shadows and reflections

Since this scale is made from metal and / or plastic, it can be a good idea to add some reflection using new bright shapes. These new additions must be partially transparent to create a realistic result. Highlights need to be subtle to be effective.

These new shapes are drawn on top of the scale as well as on the side of it. You can see both shapes below (with a temporary pink outline). The final result (with transparency) can be seen in the next step below.

How To Draw A Scale

Using the same recipe, you can draw a dark shadows on top of the object. This time, the new element must be filled with a dark blue color. Using transparency is still important. Since the object is pretty basic, you don't need to draw more shadows. Only one is more than enough.

How To Draw A Scale

Nice work learning how to draw a scale like this one!

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a scale like the one shown below. Many models are available, so don't hesitate to create more scales using various shapes, textures and colors. You can also create a digital display or try different angles or perspectives. The choice is all yours! ;)

How To Draw A Scale
How To Draw A Scale

All steps needed to draw a beautiful scale clipart can be found above. Please don't hesitate to try more cool objects from the same series here. You will have access to a wide variety of new drawing lessons that are fun and easy to complete! Have fun! :)

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