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how to draw a satellite using basic shapes and effects

How to draw a satellite

Let's see how to draw a satellite using mostly simple shapes in this fun and accessible drawing lesson. Indeed, this complex object (usually worth a lot of money) can be easy to illustrate using this six steps lesson. If you can draw squares, rectangles and circles, then this tutorial will be easy to complete.

Sure, some effects like shadows and reflections are slightly more difficult to achieved, but otherwise this should end up being a simple exercise. Ready? Let's work on the illustration found above now ...

building the core of our cartoon satellite

First, let's work on the main part of our cartoon satellite. A large rectangle can be drawn using a small angle. More small rectangles are added on top and near the bottom of the object. A large antenna made from a circular shape is created on the bottom.

How to draw a satellite

adding solar panels

On both sides of the satellite, you can draw solar panels using several small squares. These tiny shapes are joined together using long and thin rectangles. Make sure that all new elements are aligned properly. Now that the object is created, it's time to add colors and apply a few simple digital effects.

How to draw a satellite

working with colors and gradients

Since these shapes don't have outlines, it's important to add colors that are visually easy to read. Working with gradients is also a good idea if you wish to add some depth quickly and easily. As you can see below, most shapes are darker near the bottom and much brighter on top.

How to draw a satellite

creating simple shadows

Drawing shadows can be a good idea to give more depth to this cartoon satellite. These new shapes are usually filled with a darker color. You must also play with the opacity of these new elements and make sure that some parts are slightly transparent.

You can draw these shadows mostly on the core of the satellite and on the bottom of the antenna. All new additions can be seen below (with a temporary pink outline).

How to draw a satellite

adding simple highlights

This final step is also very important to give more volume to this expensive object. Adding reflections on most pieces will also help us create a more realistic illustration. All new shapes are colored in white and partially transparent near the bottom. Once again, you can see these new additions below (with a pink outline).

How to draw a satellite

great work learning how to draw a satellite

Hopefully, learning how to draw a satellite was an easier task than building one! Creating all basic shapes is relatively easy, but adding all digital effects might require some practice. Of course, don't hesitate to create more versions using different colors, shapes and textures. Not all satellites are alike and being creative is definitely the most enjoyable aspect of drawing.

How to draw a satellite
How to draw a satellite

You can enjoy all steps needed to draw this cartoon satellite above. Now that this lesson is completed, you can practice and learn how to draw more cool objects here. Have fun! :)

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