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how to draw a rodent using a few cute examples

How to draw a rodent - Mouse

Learn how to draw a rodent using these fun examples featuring a mouse, a rat, a hamster and a squirrel. In these lessons, you will learn how to illustrate fun and simple cartoon animals using a basic template that can be applied to all of them. Even more interesting is the fact that you can draw virtually any character you can think of using these basic shapes. Ready? Let's proceed with the first character ... a charming mouse!

Drawing a nice cartoon mouse in four easy steps

First, draw the body and the head using long curved lines. Add the ears using shorter lines. Next, work on the face of the animal using small dots for the eyes and a large line for the mouth. Don't forget to add whiskers, a tooth and a patch around the mouth.

Draw the legs using short curved lines. Longer lines are needed to illustrate the tail of the character. Draw a simple patch on the chest using a curved line. Complete this lesson by adding gray colors on the character.

How to draw a rodent - Mouse

An adorable hamster made from simple lines

For this second tutorial, let's work on a cute cartoon hamster using the same template for the head and the body. Next, draw ears using short curved lines. Once again, the face is done using dots for the eyes and the nose and lines for the whiskers, mouth and patch.

Draw the legs using short curved lines and the tail using a longer line. Draw the patch on the chest and this time, add subtle orange colors inside this cute cartoon character.

How to draw a rodent - Hamster

a beautiful rat is the subject of this third tutorial

This character is quite similar to the previous ones, with a few interesting differences. First, the nose is made using a larger oval shape. Next, no oval shapes are drawn around the mouth. Ears are not perfectly round and the color used inside the cartoon rat is mostly brown. The remaining elements are very similar to previous cartoon animals.

How to draw a rodent - Rat

a colorful cartoon squirrel to complete this fun series

Once again, this cartoon squirrel is quite similar to all previous characters with a few simple differences. First, ears are larger and made from triangles. Next, the tail is also larger and created from triangular shapes. Cheeks are also more visible and made from small curved lines. This cute character is mostly filled with a few different brown colors. 

How to draw a rodent - Squirrel

Now you know how to draw a rodent ... well ... four of them!

Learning how to draw a rodent is an easy task using all four lessons found above. You can also use these techniques to learn how to draw even more cartoon animals from the same series. Have fun unleashing your creativity and don't forget to practice as often as possible. ;)

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