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How to Draw a Ribbon Filled With Fun Effects

How To Draw A Ribbon Filled With Fun Effects

Learning how to draw a ribbon can be a fun and easy exercise. Indeed, the object itself is quite simple to illustrate. Adding basic digital effects to your subject is even simpler. The fun part is the fact that even if this lesson is accessible and easy to achieve, the result will be visually appealing.

Ribbons are simple objects that can have many shape. Since they are soft and thin, ribbons can also lay on the ground in various ways. Illustrating all these details can be more challenging. Fortunately, this tutorial is focusing on a simple version that looks great. Ready? Let's learn how we can draw the object above now.

adding a few shapes to create a basic template

First, we need to sketch a few simple shapes to create the silhouette of the object. We can also use this opportunity to polish the position of the ribbon. For this step, only long rectangles are needed. Notice how some rectangles are hidden by other shapes. This simple detail is important if you want to depict the depth and the volume of the object accurately.

How To Draw A Ribbon Filled With Fun Effects

drawing long curved lines to form the silhouette of the ribbon

On top of the rectangles, you can draw a few curved lines to draw the silhouette of the ribbon. Both ends are made from short triangular shapes. Rectangles are not straight. You can see that most of them are now bent towards the bottom of the illustration. Study these shapes carefully and once you are finished, you can erase all gray rectangles drawn in the previous step.

How To Draw A Ribbon Filled With Fun Effects

it's time to play with colors!

Like I said earlier, this fun object is relatively easy to illustrate. Yes! The drawing aspect of this tutorial on how to draw a ribbon is already completed. It's time to add colors and basic effects to this image. First, add green colors inside all rectangles. Three of these shapes are in front of the image, so you can use a brighter color for these elements. Rectangles on the back must be darker.

How To Draw A Ribbon Filled With Fun Effects

sketching nice shadows to create more depth and volume

Now that we are done drawing and adding colors to the cartoon ribbon, let's sketch some darker shapes to form shadows. These new additions must be filled with a darker green color. Don't use a color that is too dark. You just need something slightly darker to create fun and subtle shadows.

You can see in the image below how shadows were added to the subject. These new elements are surrounded by a temporary pink outline. Shadows on the back are darker than the ones created in front.

How To Draw A Ribbon Filled With Fun Effects

working with subtle reflections to complete this lesson

Now that darker shapes were added to the cartoon ribbon, let's create brighter ones. These new shapes must be added on all three parts located in front of the illustration. Simply use a green color that is slightly brighter than the original version.

How To Draw A Ribbon Filled With Fun Effects

that's it for this tutorial on how to draw a ribbon

You can see the final illustration below. Don't hesitate to create more versions using various colors and patterns. Ribbons can be drawn using any shapes. It can also be a good idea to add textures, logos and even scratches to your new creations. Just try new things and have fun!

How To Draw A Ribbon Filled With Fun Effects

Below you can see all steps required to sketch this object. Feel free to use this image as a guideline. Possibilities are endless so don't hesitate to be creative when drawing your own version.

How To Draw A Ribbon Filled With Fun Effects

Now that we are done with this lesson on how to draw a ribbon, you are invited to try more cool objects from this site below. Remember to practice often and have fun with these new resources! :)

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