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How to Draw A Rhino made from simple rectangles

How To Draw A Rhino Made From Simple Rectangles

Learning how to draw a rhino can be a difficult task if you want to create a realistic version of this adorable animal. The body of the animal is large and filled with strong muscles. The head is also filled with complex details that can be demanding to illustrate. Let's not forget the horns that are located above the nose and mostly made from perfect curved lines.

Fortunately, it's also possible to create a simple version of this animal using only basic shapes like squares, rectangles and triangles. That's the purpose of this basic lesson that can help you draw a simple version of this incredible animal. Ready? Let's proceed with this lesson now. :)

drawing the body using a rectangle

First, let's work on the body using a perfect rectangle. Since the head will be located on the left side of the illustration, don't forget to leave some space in this area. It's also important to leave room below the body of the animal for the legs (which can be huge).

How To Draw A Rhino

a fun square can be used to form the head

On the left side of the character, draw a perfect square to form the head of the rhino. Notice how the top of the new shape is perfectly aligned with the top of the body. The head is also located on top of the body, the other half being visible outside the character.

How To Draw A Rhino

drawing large legs below the body

Below the large body, you can draw for thick squares to represent the legs of the rhino. The back leg (located on front) is aligned with the back of the body. Notice how both legs located behind the animal are slightly higher compared to both legs visible on the front.

How To Draw A Rhino

how to draw a rhino with fun features

So far, the character could be anything. A cat, a dog or even a cow. Let's change that by drawing two small horns on top of the head using perfect triangles. Another subtle triangle can be used to form the ear. Inside the head, you can also draw the mouth using a simple broken line.

How To Draw A Rhino

adding more fun details to the character

Both eyes can be done using large black dots. These eyes are located on the right side of the head. Near the right side of the body, you can draw a simple tail using another broken line. Finally, small nails are drawn inside all four legs located below the subject. Great work! This lesson on how to draw a rhino is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Rhino

playing with colors to complete this fun rhino

It's now time to add colors and convert a boring black & white image into something visually more interesting. You can use gradients to add more volume to the picture. Notice how the bottom of the animal is darker than the top.

How To Draw A Rhino

Excellent work! I hope you had fun learning how to draw a rhino like this one. Now that we are done with this character, you can try to illustrate more exotic animals from this site below. Enjoy and remember to practice on a daily basis if you want to improve your drawing abilities. :)

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