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how to draw a rattlesnake made with great patterns

How To Draw A Rattlesnake

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a rattlesnake made from basic shapes and digital effects in just a few simple steps. These creatures are easily recognizable with the rattle located on the tip of their tails. More than 60 subspecies are available from Canada to Argentina.

Although quite rare, being bitten by a rattlesnake can lead to death. Fortunately, these little animals don't like humans and are usually hiding when we are wandering around. Let's see how we can draw the cartoon rattlesnake shown above ...

drawing the cartoon rattlesnake using basic shapes and lines

First, let's work on the silhouette of the creature. The head, the mouth and the top of the body are drawn using the same curved line. Another line is added below the head to complete the mouth. Next, more curved lines are needed to form the body and create the tip of the tail. Make sure you are using lines that are thicker near the middle and pointed on both ends.

How To Draw A Rattlesnake

Inside the head, you can draw two large eyes using oval shapes. The tongue is illustrated using more short lines as shown in the illustration below. You can draw patches on the chest using short straight lines. A few more lines are added on the tip of the tail to create the rattle.

How To Draw A Rattlesnake

Next, let's add some colors inside the creature using gradients. As you can see below, eyes are slightly darker near the bottom and brighter on top. You can use the same technique on all parts of the body. This simple effect can help you create depth quickly and easily.

How To Draw A Rattlesnake

creating beautiful shadows

This step might be the most complicated one, but it's also an important one. Adding realistic shadows is crucial to create more volume inside the illustration. All new shapes created here must be dark and partially transparent. Indeed, shadows must be smooth, subtle and visible enough to create the desired effect.

You can draw these shapes inside the eyes (near the bottom), behind the eyes and above the mouth. More shadows are drawn on top of the tongue, below the jaw and on the chest. Larger ones are created on the bottom of the image to create more volume inside the body.

How To Draw A Rattlesnake

highlights to increase the level of realism

The skin of a rattlesnake clipart can have a shiny texture. That's why it's also important to create reflection on this one to complete this tutorial. In this step, all new shapes that are created are colored in white. Just like we did for shadows, these new elements must be partially transparent. You can draw highlights inside the eyes, on top of the head, on the chest and near the tip of the tail.

How To Draw A Rattlesnake

nice work learning how to draw a rattlesnake

This is the final version of this character once all parts are drawn, all colors are added and all effects are created. Like I said previously, more than 60 subspecies are available. Don't hesitate to draw more versions of this adorable creature using various colors, textures and shapes. You can also create your own version using weird proportions or different postures. Possibilities are endless!

How To Draw A Rattlesnake
How To Draw A Rattlesnake

Above, you can see all steps required to draw this cartoon rattlesnake grouped inside a single illustration. Now that this lesson on how to draw a rattlesnake is over, feel free to try more animals from the intermediate collection here. A lot of cool cartoon snakes are also available below. Enjoy! :)

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