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how to draw a radish that looks tasty and realistic

How to draw a radish

Learn how to draw a radish that looks nice and delicious using this fun step-by-step drawing lesson. Indeed, I will show you how to create this hot vegetable using only a few basic shapes and cool digital effects. Although this delicious food is quite easy to illustrate, adding a few simple shadows, textures and highlights can be a good idea to convert a basic drawing into a more appealing one. Ready? Let's work on this fun cartoon radish now!

A simple video to see it all in action!

First, you can take a look at this simple video to see how the vector part of this lesson was created. It's always easier to learn from the source rather than simply looking at a basic step-by-step lesson. Once you are done, you can proceed with the first steps below.

drawing the main shapes of the radish

Let's begin this lesson by drawing the bulb and the leaves using long curved lines. The round area can be made from an irregular line. After all, vegetables are organic and are not created using perfect shapes. Then, you can sketch a few leaves on top using more pointed lines.

How to draw a radish

adding some details and textures

Inside the leaves, you can draw short and thin lines to create patterns. A short line is also added between the bulb and the base of the leaves. Finally, you can separate the radish from its root using another irregular line near the bottom of the vegetable.

How to draw a radish

filling the subject with cool bright colors

Inside the cartoon radish, you can add gradients to create some depth and make the illustration visually more appealing. All leaves are colored in green while the radish itself must be red. The root near the bottom of the image is slightly brighter.

How to draw a radish

drawing shadows and textures

Let's add another layer to this drawing by sketching simple shadows and textures on our subject. In both cases, it can be a good idea to use a darker color. It's also mandatory to add some transparency to all shadows and textures if we want to end up with a subtle, yet satisfying result.

Shadows are added on all four leaves and on the left side of the cartoon radish (seen with a temporary blue outline below). Textures are drawn on the bulb using long pointed shapes (displayed with pink outlines).

How to draw a radish

adding highlights and reflections

Darker shapes are nice, but sketching brighter ones to create more contrast and more volume is also a good idea. In this case, all new shapes are colored in white and partially transparent. You can draw these new elements on the tip of the leaves and inside the bulb.

How to draw a radish

Good job learning how to draw a radish!

Now that all steps are completed, you can see the final result once again below. Don't hesitate to try more version using different colors (some radish can be slightly pink), new textures, more shadows and more reflections. You can also draw smaller or bigger ones. It's up to you!

How to draw a radish
How to draw a radish

Above, you can see all steps required to learn how to draw a radish like the one found here. Now that you know how to create this delicious vegetable, why not try more adorable food from the same series here? Are you feeling hungry? I know I am! ;)

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