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how to draw a purse that is fashionable

How To Draw A Purse

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a purse that looks appealing using simple shapes, lines and effects. Adding shadows, highlights and a basic pattern will help you create an amazing illustration that will impress friends and family. Of course, purses can be created using a wide variety of shapes, colors and styles. For this lesson, I have selected a simple model with one handle, a simple lock and a more challenging perspective. Ready? Let's work on this interesting object now ...

working on the silhouette of the cartoon purse

First, let's draw the silhouette of the cartoon purse using a few basic lines. These lines can be made from pointed ends for a more appealing result. Draw the main shape using perspective and then draw the flap using more curved lines. The top part of the bag (near the left) can be left empty. This area will be filled with the handle.

How To Draw A Purse

This simple handle must be created using long curved lines. Notice how the handle is separated into two different shapes. Both shapes are joined together on top. The left part represent the outside of the handle while the right element shows the inside of the handle. Make sure the top is thin to create a smooth transition between both sides.

How To Draw A Purse

A simple lock is created near the middle of the drawing using mostly short straight lines. Don't forget to use the same perspective as the one used for the body of the object. Complete this step by drawing a basic pattern on the bottom of the bag using thin lines.

How To Draw A Purse

More details can be drawn inside the illustration. First, the handle must be fixed to the bag using a large button. Smaller buttons are added on both sides of the bag. Nice work! Now that you know how to draw a purse using basic lines, let's sketch some effects to add more realism to this purse clipart.

How To Draw A Purse

The first thing we can do to create more volume is to play with colors. Using gradients is definitely a good alternative. Notice how most areas from the subject are filled with two different colors (often a brighter and darker version of the same color). It's now easier to identify the top part of the handle from the bottom one. The side of the cartoon purse is also much darker than the front.

How To Draw A Purse

going one step further with the creation of shadows

Gradients are nice, but drawing additional shadows is even better. These new shapes will help us create more contrast inside the picture and make this one more appealing. All new shapes created in this step are filled with a darker color and are also partially transparent. The latter is very important since our goal is to create subtle shadows.

You can draw these new elements inside the handle (on the right, near the bottom) as well as below the large button. A long shadow is created below the flap and one last shape is drawn on the left side of the purse. All new additions are visible below (with a temporary pink outline).

How To Draw A Purse

working with highlights and reflections

It's not clear which material is used to create this purse, but adding a little bit of reflection can definitely help bring more contrast. All new shapes drawn here are colored in white. Once again, you can also use transparency (or play with the opacity of the shapes) to create a more subtle result.

Highlights are drawn on top of the handle (near the left) as well as on the flap. More reflections can be created on the lock and near the bottom of the object.

How To Draw A Purse

one last addition to complete this lesson

Adding textures or patterns can also help increase the level of realism of a drawing. In fact, you don't even need to draw something complex to enhance your work. A simple addition like drawing a few lines can do the trick. In this case, long curved lines were drawn inside the flap. These lines were filled with a light blue color and are also partially transparent.

How To Draw A Purse

Nice work learning how to draw a purse!

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a purse that looks appealing in just a few basic steps. Like I said earlier, many models are available so don't hesitate to try more versions (or just create your own). So much can be done by using various textures, colors, patterns, simple effects or perspective. Just be creative!

How To Draw A Purse
How To Draw A Purse

Above, you can see all steps required to illustrate this cartoon purse grouped into a single illustration. Now that we are done creating cool purses, feel free to try more objects from the same series here. More lessons are also available below. :)

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