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how to draw a puppy using several adorable models

How To Draw A Puppy Using Several Adorable Models

In this series, I will show you how to draw a puppy using multiple examples featuring adorable cartoon characters. Most of these animals are created from basic shapes, lines and colors. The last tutorial consists of another fun puppy loaded with cool effects like shadows and reflections. These subjects can easily be drawn by beginners using all step-by-step lessons found below.

Working with a first subject made from a large rectangle

Our first puppy clipart is featuring a cute dog sketched inside a large rectangle. On top of the head, two large ears are created using curved lines. Two additional lines are used to form the feet of the animal. Next, you can add large eyes inside the head by sketching perfect circular shapes. Small circles are needed to form the pupils. Notice how both eyes are cropped near the edges of the rectangle.

Continue building the creature by adding the nose and the mouth. In the third step, arms and the tail are drawn using short lines. Patches are also drawn around the mouth and the eye. The latter is important to make sure we can tell that this animal is a puppy, not a dog.

How To Draw A Puppy

Another cute puppy made from solid rectangles

In this next lesson, another cute cartoon puppy made from rectangles and triangles is available. First, sketch the body and legs using several thin rectangles. Ears are represented by pointed triangles. Inside the main shape, draw the nose using a tiny rectangle. Front legs are illustrated with two squares.

The eyes are made from small dots. For the mouth, you can use a vertical and horizontal line. Small details are sketched inside all four feet. You can complete this lesson by adding colors using gradients.

How To Draw A Puppy

it's time to use rounder shapes and lines

So far, we have created characters that were mostly made from rough shapes like triangles and rectangles. This time, let's learn how to draw a puppy using circles, oval shapes and curved lines. You can start by adding a large oval shape to form the head. This one should be slightly more flat on the bottom. The body is done using a short rectangle. Next, sketch all four legs using curved lines. Eyes are made from medium circles.

Don't forget to draw short ears on top of the head. Next, more circles are needed to illustrate the pupils and the nose. The tail is made from short lines. Complete this lesson by adding the mouth, reflections inside the pupils and a large patch around the eye.

How To Draw A Puppy

using a different angle to illustrate this fun puppy

All three previous lessons were based on a character depicted from a front view. This next lesson is different. The dog is now seen from a side view. First, draw the body using curved lines. The head is made from a circle and it is placed slightly towards the left. The eyes, the nose and the patch are created from perfect circles.

Short oval shapes are placed on top of the head. For the tail, you can use pointed curved lines. Small rectangles are used to join the ears, the head and the body together. Our subject is also showing its tongue, so don't forget to draw this one.

How To Draw A Puppy

how to draw a puppy using more advanced features

Learning how to draw a puppy using basic shapes is fun, but we can definitely do better by using complex curved lines. This illustration of a puppy consists of an animal made from basic shapes, but drawn with a more realistic posture. In the first step, you can see how the character was built using basic circles and rectangles.

Next, you can polish the silhouette using smooth lines. Notice the particular shape of both ears. Inside the head, draw two eyes using more circles. Once again, this animal is showing its tongue. Hair is also drawn on top of the head. You can add a bright orange color to complete this lesson.

How To Draw A Puppy

One last character filled with fun digital effects

This last tutorial is focusing on the addition of shadows, gradients and reflections. That's why you won't have access to a step-by-step process to learn how to illustrate the character. You can still learn how to build this picture from scratch using the first and second step. In the fourth step, subtle gradients are added to give more depth to the image.

Then, you can draw shadows using darker shapes and colors. It's also important to work with transparency to make sure all shadows are subtle and visually not distracting. Finally, bright areas are added in the seventh step to form highlights. Once again, make sure these new elements are partially hidden. In the final step, lines are also filled with colors (instead of being black).

How To Draw A Puppy

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a puppy using all examples above. Remember that adding patches around the eye and making the head slightly bigger than the body can help you achieve your goal. More animals from the same series can be found here. Enjoy! :)

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