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how to draw a pug with a funny head

How To Draw A Pug With A Funny Head

Learning how to draw a pug can be a nice experience when you have access to a funny version of this dog. In this lesson, I will show you how to create a cute cartoon pug in just eight easy steps using the design located above.

Mostly drawn with short curved lines and filled with brown colors, this amazing subject is a nice challenge to illustrate. Indeed, both ears have unique shapes and the facial expression is rather complex to sketch. Let's see how we can draw this animal quickly and easily using this fun lesson now.

working on the silhouette of the head

First, let's draw the silhouette of the head using short curved lines. You can start by adding a simple line on top. Then, you can add the cheeks on both sides using more long lines. Notice the unique pattern that can be seen near the bottom of both lines.

How To Draw A Pug With A Funny Head

adding the body and the area around the mouth

On the bottom of the subject, you can draw two more curved lines to represent both sides of the body. A tiny horizontal line is also created on the bottom of the image. Complete this step by adding three short lines on the bottom of the head to form the muzzle and the jaw.

How To Draw A Pug With A Funny Head

creating both front feet

Using more curved lines, you can add the two front feet as shown in the illustration below. The top of both body parts can be round while the bottom is almost flat. Nice work. This lesson on how to draw a pug is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Pug With A Funny Head

drawing the ears and the back legs

On top of the head, you can sketch two large ears using more short lines. Make sure that the tip of both ears is round and pointed. Next, work on the back legs using more simple lines. These legs must be slightly higher than the front legs created earlier.

How To Draw A Pug With A Funny Head

adding a funny facial expression

It's time to work on the facial expression of the character. This particular breed of dog can be visually quite interesting. Pupils are often far from each other and the mouth always feel ... grumpy!

Start by adding both eyes and pupils using circles. The nose is made from a small oval shape with pointed edges. Finally, create a large mouth using two long lines. Great! This cartoon pug is definitely cute and funny!

How To Draw A Pug With A Funny Head

sketching more details around the eyes

Inside the pupils, you can draw small reflections using smaller circular shapes. Next, add large patches around the eyes using more curved lines. You can see the final shape of the patches in the image located below.

How To Draw A Pug With A Funny Head

drawing a few lines to complete the character

On the forehead, you can sketch small wrinkles using irregular lines. A few more wrinkles are added below the neck of the subject. Complete the drawing part of this lesson by adding small lines inside all four feet.

How To Draw A Pug With A Funny Head

adding colors to complete this lesson on how to draw a pug

This adorable lesson on how to draw a pug is almost completed. In this step, you can add plain colors like brown and beige as shown below. The pupils can be black and the nose is darker. You can also modify the colors of the wrinkles to match the color of the skin.

How To Draw A Pug With A Funny Head

Excellent! If you need more assistance creating this colorful cartoon pug, then you can use the image below. This one contains all eight steps required to draw this adorable dog quickly and accurately.

How To Draw A Pug With A Funny Head

Now that we are done drawing this pug, you are invited to try more fun dogs from this site below. All characters have various (and different) challenges, so don't hesitate to try a few. Have fun drawing and remember to practice as often as possible. It's the key to success! :)

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