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how to draw a pickle that looks realistic

How To Draw A Pickle

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a pickle made from simple shapes, lines and colors. I will show you how to create basic textures using mostly plain colors. Surprisingly, pickles can be made using a wide variety of techniques. Some are created using a mix of vinegar, sugar and spices.

Others are only made from salt and water. Pickles are quite low in calories and they are also filled with vitamin K. This delicious food is often served as a side dish (or in hamburgers). Let's see how we can create a simple cartoon pickle using a few simple tips.

Drawing cartoon pickles using basic shapes and lines

First, let's draw two simple oval shapes to help us place the subject inside our work space. The bottom shape must be slightly larger than the top one. The top shape must also be leaning towards the top of the frame a little bit more than the bottom one.

Once you are done creating this template, you can draw the silhouette of the pickle using irregular lines. A few bumps made from short curved lines can also be added to the final shape. Once you are done, you can erase both oval shapes. We don't need those anymore.

How To Draw A Pickle

Next, let's draw a few additional bumps and lines inside the illustration. You don't need to draw tons of lines to create an appealing drawing. Just a few lines and bumps are more than enough. Just like we did in the previous step, you can use lines that are thick near the middle, but pointed and sharp near both ends. You can see the new elements below (with a temporary pink outline).

How To Draw A Pickle

It's time to play with colors. You can start by adding a saturated green color inside the cartoon pickle. Make sure to select a color that is not too dark nor not too bright. I also like to modify the color of all lines. Instead of keeping the default black color, simply select a dark green color as shown below. Great! This lesson on how to draw a pickle is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw A Pickle

For this lesson, let's create simple shadows using only plain colors. First, you can draw a dark area on the bottom of the subject. Don't make this shadows too thick. I prefer to create an area that is long, but narrow. Another simple dark shadow can be drawn just above the larger one. You can see both new elements below (surrounded by a blue outline).

How To Draw A Pickle

Next, we need to draw more shadows to create the illusion of volume inside our cartoon pickle. However, it's a good idea to use various tones of the same color to create a richer drawing. In this case, the color used to create these new shadows is darker than the original color, but slightly brighter than the shadows added in the previous step. Make sure that all new shadows are drawn in the lower part of the pickle.

How To Draw A Pickle

In this step, let's do something slightly different. Instead of drawing darker shapes to create cool shadows, let's draw a few brighter elements to represent reflections and highlights. You can draw a few of these shapes on top of the pickle as well as near the middle. Great work! We are almost done with this lesson on how to draw cartoon pickles.

How To Draw A Pickle

This intriguing food is not always filled with various green colors. Sometimes, some yellow areas can be seen on pickles. It's something that is less common on cucumbers. That's why it's important to draw a few yellow patches on such a simple drawing. We don't want this cute pickle to be mistaken for a simple cucumber.

Once again, you can draw these yellow spots mostly near the top of the subject. For this example, a long area was created on the left side of the pickle using a long irregular line. Three more stripes are added inside the cartoon food.

How To Draw A Pickle

nice work learning how to draw a pickle made with simple shapes!

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a pickle that looks cute in just eight easy steps. You can now use all the tips you have learned here to create more cartoon pickles. Don't hesitate to try new shapes, new colors or even try to draw more details. Adding textures can be a good idea if you have the tools needed to do so.

How To Draw A Pickle
How To Draw A Pickle

Above you can see all steps required to draw this pickle grouped inside a single illustration. Now that we are done with this fun tutorial, feel free to try more delicious cartoon food from the same series here. :)

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