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how to draw a peanut filled with great shadows and textures

How To Draw A Peanut

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a peanut using simple shapes, lines and colors. This delicious nut can be a fun subject to illustrate. The shell is filled with bumps and textures that can be tricky to draw properly. I will show you how to create some cool effects quickly and easily using mostly plain colors.

Indeed, we don't need to draw complex shadows or reflections to end up with something appealing. Just a few basic shapes and tons of creativity is all we need. Ready? Let's see how we can create the image above in just six easy steps.

working on the silhouette of the cartoon peanut

First, you can draw two oval shapes that will help us sketch accurate proportions. The shape on top must be smaller and slightly thinner than the one located on the bottom. You can leave a small space between both elements.

Next, create the silhouette of the peanut using long curved lines. The middle of the subject must be narrower. You can use sharp lines with pointed ends to create this delicious food. Finally, complete this step by adding a few lines inside the peanut clip art.

How To Draw A Peanut

It's time to add some colors inside this simple image. The shell is filled with a bright brown color. Lines in the middle are colored with a darker version of the same color. The line on the far left can be darker while the one on the right is slightly brighter. Excellent work! This tutorial on how to draw a peanut is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Peanut

Now that the shell is created, we need to sketch a few bumps all over this one. These new additions can be filled with a dark brown color (for now). If you want to sketch a realistic pattern, you can draw a few lines to guide you (shown with a pink outline below).

Notice how these pink lines are curved on both extremities, but less curved near the middle. Once you are done drawing all dark patches, you can remove the pink guidelines.

How To Draw A Peanut

In this step, let's play with the colors of the bumps / holes. As you can see below, patches created on the left are much darker than those available on the right. You can also mix a few of these colors to create an irregular patterns.

In our example, more brighter shapes are created on top while more darker shapes were added near the bottom. The third column is also filled with a mix of different colors to create a more organic texture.

How To Draw A Peanut

One last thing we can do to create more depth and volume inside this fun cartoon peanut is to add shadows. Unlike other lessons from this site, we don't need to play with the opacity of these new shapes. All we need to do is sketch a few darker shapes to form nice textures on the shell.

All new shapes added in this step can be seen below (with a temporary blue outline). You can adjust the color of all shadows so that they can be slightly darker than the shapes they are covering.

How To Draw A Peanut

nice work learning how to draw a peanut!

That's it! You can see the final version of this peanut clip art below. It's now time to draw more peanuts using various shapes, colors and textures. Remember to create simple guidelines to help you draw bumps on the shell for a better result. Peanuts are not that simple to create, so practicing a lot can be a good idea.

How To Draw A Peanut
How To Draw A Peanut

Above you can see all steps required to illustrate this nut properly. Now that this lesson on how to draw a peanut is completed, don't hesitate to learn to draw more delicious cartoon food here. Have fun! :)

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