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how to draw a ninja using a few dynamic examples

How To Draw A Ninja Using A Few Dynamic Examples

This series on how to draw a ninja is featuring four adorable versions that are easy to sketch. I will show you how to illustrate this amazing character using mostly simple shapes, lines and colors. Fortunately, since a ninja is usually dressed in black and covered from head to toes, illustrating this one is relatively easy.

Ninjas are mercenaries that mostly originated from Japan. These adventurers are well-known for being good with espionage or surprise attacks. They are also famous for using katanas as well as shurikens (or blades shaped like stars). Although these men are not superheroes gifted with special powers, ninjas are often depicted has being strong, agile and precise. Ready? Let's proceed with the first tutorial now!

Drawing a simple cartoon ninja made from circles

This first lesson on how to draw a ninja is featuring a cute character made mostly from circular shapes. You can start by working on the head using two large oval shapes (one to illustrate the head, the smaller one to form the mask). The body is done with a short and thick rectangle. Next, draw the arms using thin rectangles and the hands using small curved lines.

Legs are made from straight lines and feet from curved ones. Inside the head, draw the eyes with large circles. A simple blade made from irregular rectangles is also added on the right hand of the subject. You can draw small reflections on the pupils and sketch the nose using a small line. The mouth is not visible, so no need to draw this one. Add plain colors and you are done with this lesson!

How To Draw A Ninja

working with a different posture

Our next tutorial consists of a cartoon ninja standing in a more dynamic posture. This fun character is definitely ready for action! You can start by adding a circle to represent the head. Eyes are also made from medium circles. Next, work on the posture of the subject using several rectangles, oval shapes and circles. Both arms are up in the air while legs are sketched using different orientations.

Once you are done adding all basic shapes, you can polish the silhouette of the ninja using smooth lines. This dedicated character is holding a katana in one hand and a shuriken on the other. Just like the previous lesson, simply add plain colors inside all body parts to complete your artwork.

How To Draw A Ninja

how to draw a ninja filled with complex effects

So far, characters were mostly made from basic shapes, lines and colors. For this next ninja cartoon, gradients, shadows and highlights are added to the illustration. This lesson is not focusing on the step-by-step process, by rather the effects that can be implemented to create a more realistic image. First, you can use the first image to guide you on the creation of the subject.

Next, gradients are added to create more depth inside the picture. Shadows are then added around the eyes, below the red accessories and behind the mask. In the final step, white shapes (that are partially transparent) are drawn all over the body to represent simple highlights. Notice how the image is now visually more appealing.

How To Draw A Ninja

One last cool ninja that you can work with!

This last lesson on how to draw a ninja is featuring another cute character filled with shadows and reflections. Just like the first tutorial from this series, the subject is standing and both eyes are depicted with huge pupils. This last version is pretty easy to draw. All body parts are made from simple elements like rectangles and circles.

In the fifth step, shadows are drawn on the left side of the face and on the hands. These shapes are then partially hidden (step 6) for a more realistic result. In the seventh step, you can see all white shapes that were created to form the highlights. Just like we did with shadows, transparency is applied on the reflections to end up with a more appealing result.

How To Draw A Ninja

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a ninja using all examples above. It's now time to use all tips learned in these lessons to sketch your own cartoon warrior. You can try new postures, draw new accessories or simply add complex textures. It's all up to you! If you enjoy this series, then you can find more fun characters to illustrate here. Have fun! :)

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