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how to draw a mockingbird created with cool effects

How to draw a mockingbird

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a mockingbird using simple shapes and colors. I will also show you how to create basic effects like shadows and reflections to create a more convincing version of this animal. Mockingbirds are known for mimicking the songs of various birds as well as doing the same for amphibian sounds.

This bird is easily recognizable with the simple stripe near the eyes and the patterns on the wings. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step now.

learning more using a short video

Before moving on with the written version of this lesson, you can watch this short video filled with a few extra steps. Once you are done, simply scroll down to start learning how to draw this cartoon mockingbird in minutes.

drawing the silhouette using basic shapes

You can start by creating basic shapes to form a template that will be used to create the character. In this case, we need a circle to form the head, a small square for the neck and an oval shape for the body. The tail is made from a thin rectangle.

Now that we have a few shapes to guide us, let's create the eyes and the beak. Next, sketch the head using curved lines and create a short body. The visible wing is made from a single line. Complete this step with the creation of the tail and both legs. You can erase all gray shapes created earlier.

How to draw a mockingbird

adding patterns inside the cartoon mockingbird

A few simple patterns are needed inside the bird if we want to make sure this one does look like a mockingbird. First, draw a stripe ear the eye and the beak. Then, draw a line below the neck to illustrate the patch found on the chest. Complete this step with the creation of more simple lines on the wing and the tail.

How to draw a mockingbird

working with colors and gradients

Now that we have a beautiful black and white version of our character, let's add some colors! For this lesson, I have selected several brown colors to enhance the subject. The beak, the wing, the tail, the legs and the pupil can be darker. The chest must be lighter. The stripe near the eye can be slightly more saturated.

How to draw a mockingbird

creating beautiful shadows

To create a little more depth into the illustration, you can draw some basic shadows using new dark shapes. These new elements must be partially transparent so that we can end up with a more realistic result. Indeed, adding very dark shadows could make the bird look ... creepier.

These new shadows are mostly added around the eye, on the beak, below the wing and on both legs. You can definitely create more shadows if you want to, but I prefer to keep it simple for this lesson.

How to draw a mockingbird

sketching nice highlights and reflections

Just like we did with shadows, now we need to create simple highlights to create even more volume inside the drawing. These new shapes must be colored in white and also be partially transparent. You can add reflections on the beak, the pupil, the head, the chest, the wing and the tail.

How to draw a mockingbird

good job learning how to draw a mockingbird!

Once again, you can see the final result once all steps are completed. It's now time to experiment and draw more versions of this cute animals using different textures, patterns and colors. You can also sketch various postures and try more viewing angles.

How to draw a mockingbird
How to draw a mockingbird

Above, you can see all six steps needed to learn how to draw a mockingbird quickly and easily. Now that this lesson is done, why not try more animals from the same series below. Have fun and remember to practice on a daily basis. :)

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