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how to draw a mammoth with a huge personality

How To Draw A Mammoth

Learning how to draw a mammoth can be slightly more challenging to achieve since they have been extinct around 5000 years ago. This huge animal is the ancestor of modern elephants. These impressive creatures were gifted with long curved tusks and dark hair on top of the head. Some species were present from up to 5 million years ago. Let's see how we can draw a basic version using mostly basic shapes, lines and colors.

sketching the character using basic shapes

The first thing we can do before drawing the animal is to add a few basic shapes. These simple elements will help us locate the subject in our work space and refine the posture and the proportions. You can start by drawing a large circle to illustrate the body.

The head is represented by a huge rectangle. More short rectangles are needed to draw the trunk and the tusks. A pointed triangle can also be added near the end of the tusk. Complete this step by working on the legs using more thick rectangles.

How To Draw A Mammoth

Great! Now that all shapes are added, it's time to work on the silhouette of the creature. I like to use long curved lines with pointed ends to draw my characters. Draw most body parts using these simple lines. Notice how the back of the mammoth is rough and almost made from a triangular shape.

The tusk should be located inside the head. Make sure this one is made from long curved lines. It's also important to pay attention to the feet of the animal. The lines used are unique and sketched using precision.

How To Draw A Mammoth

For this next step, all you need to do is draw a large ear inside the head. This one is made from three different curved lines. This technique will help us create a little bit of fur inside the body part. The ear must be large and slightly narrower near the bottom. Great work! This lesson on how to draw a mammoth is progressing nicely! :)

How To Draw A Mammoth

Inside the head, you can draw the only visible eye using more lines. This character is not in a happy mood, so you can draw the facial expression accordingly. A simple line is used to create the tail for now. Below the mammoth, you can draw the missing legs using more curved lines. You can also sketch the second tusk just above the original one. This new addition must look smaller and narrower.

How To Draw A Mammoth

More details can be added to complete the drawing part of this tutorial. On top of the head, sketch some hair using a few medium lines. Another hair is created on the tail. A large patch is also drawn inside the ear. This new shape was drawn using a thinner line. Small lines are also added on the trunk. Once again, you can use thinner lines. Finally, a few curved lines are drawn on the feet as shown in the illustration below.

How To Draw A Mammoth

It's time to add colors and simple shadows!

This character is filled with plain colors. Of course, brown colors are mainly used inside this artwork. The patch inside the ear can be brighter, just like the nails found inside the feet. The hair on top of the head is darker. Both legs located on the far side of the picture can also be filled with a dark brown color. Only the tusks are filled with a different color.

How To Draw A Mammoth

If you want to add some perspective and depth to this illustration without having to use complex effect, then you can simply draw new shadows. These new elements are also filled with plain colors and are added in strategic areas. In all cases, simply use a color that is slightly darker.

You can draw shadows around the eye, below the hair, inside the ear and below this one. More fun shadows are sketched on the tusks, the legs and the right side of the body.

How To Draw A Mammoth

nice work learning how to draw a mammoth that looks appealing!

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a mammoth like the one found on this page. Now that you can draw a simple side version, it's time to get creative! You can try more postures, add complex effects or even create amazing textures. Just experiment, draw and see how it goes. You can use simple references like modern elephants if you need help sketching accurate postures.

How To Draw A Mammoth
How To Draw A Mammoth

Above, you can see all steps needed to illustrate this character properly. Take your time to get all body parts right and don't hesitate to try again if the result is not convincing enough. You can find more fun animals from the same series here. Enjoy! :)

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