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How to Draw A Lion using mostly rectangles

How To Draw A Lion Using Mostly Rectangles

Learning how to draw a lion can be a difficult task. The anatomy of this animal is a little bit tough to sketch accurately. The fact that you also need to create a mane can make this subject a nightmare to illustrate. 

If you feel like lions are hard to draw, then you will be happy to learn that this alternative is not. Indeed, the whole character is built with large rectangles, squares and triangles. That's it! No need to create complex shapes, lines and body parts. If you can draw a simple shape, then no doubt that you will be able to achieve this simple tutorial.

Ready? Let's proceed with the first step now ...

adding the body first

Let's begin this lesson with the addition of the body. This one is represented by a large vertical rectangle. The head will be drawn inside this shape, so make sure this one is wide enough.

Next, you can draw two small rectangles on both sides of the subject. These new additions are used to form the back legs. Make sure these new shapes are aligned with the bottom part of the body.

How To Draw A Lion

sketching more legs and the head

On top of the main shape (near the top), you can draw the head using another large rectangle. Inside this new shape, sketch a second rectangle that will be used to represent the mane of the character. Finally, complete this step by sketching two small rectangles on the bottom of the body. Nice work! This lesson on how to draw a lion is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw A Lion

Working on the head

Next, we can add a nose inside the head using a small triangle. Make sure this one is in the upper part of the rectangle. We need some room to draw the mouth. Then, you can draw two small rectangles on both sides of the head. These new shapes are used to illustrate the ears of the cartoon lion.

How To Draw A Lion

adding important details

Under the nose, we can draw the mouth using three simple straight lines. Notice that one of these lines is used to join the mouth and the nose together. The facial expression of the character is a neutral one.

Inside all legs, you can draw a few lines to create the paws. All lines are pointed near the end. Great work. We are almost done with this fun lesson on how to draw a lion made from basic shapes.

How To Draw A Lion

drawing the remaining body parts

You can draw the eyes using small black dots. These are the only circular shapes used in this tutorial. Below the mouth, you can sketch two tiny triangles to form the teeth. Finally, complete this lesson by creating small hair on top and near the bottom of the mane. Once again, you can do so using small triangular shapes.

How To Draw A Lion

let's complete this lesson on how to draw a lion using colors

It's now time to bring this character to life! This simple lion is colored in yellow (for the body) and brown (for the mane and nose). I also used gradients to create more depth and volume inside the illustration.

How To Draw A Lion

Great work! Now that this simple tutorial is completed, you are invited to try more cool lions from this site below. Remember to practice often and have fun! :)

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