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how to draw a lily filled with gorgeous special effects

How to draw a lily

Learn how to draw a lily using this advanced tutorial featuring simple steps and techniques. I will show you how to illustrate this beautiful flower in just eight easy steps using a vector application. This lesson is mostly filled with tips on how to create some basic digital effects rather than learning how to draw complex shapes. Let's start our drawing journey now!

Simple petals and stamens

First, you can draw six basic petals using flat shapes as shown in the illustration below. Next, add a few stamens using thick white lines and small brown oval shapes. Believe it or not, we are already done regarding the drawing aspect of this lesson. All we need to do now is add some basic effects.

How to draw a lily

a few textures and gradient fills

On all petals, you can draw a variety of short thin lines (shown in pink below). Stamens are filled with gradient fills (the filament being yellow while the anther can be brown). 

How to draw a lily

It's now time to be more colorful

This step is a little bit more complex than it might seem. First, we need to add a bright yellow color on the bottom part of all petals. The top of each petal will remain gray (well, a very light gray color ... almost white).

Next, you can draw bright white shapes on top of all stamens as well as inside all petals (shown in pink below). These new shapes must be partially transparent on the bottom to create a very subtle effect.

How to draw a lily

another very subtle effect needed

Petals of a lily are usually filled with a very particular pattern. In this pattern, a thin line is drawn in the middle of each petal. It's also important to create more depth on each side of this line by adding a subtle shadow.

How to draw a lily

More yellow inside the petals

In this step, you need to draw a dark shadow (mainly filled with a dark yellow color) on the right side of most petals. This effect is subtle too, but if you compare the yellow area below with the previous one, you should be able to see the difference.

How to draw a lily

shadows to create depth inside the flower

So far, petals were a little bit difficult to read properly. We will correct this by adding strong shadows on petals that are located on the far side of the illustration.

How to draw a lily

One last effect to create volume

On the center of the lily, you can draw two different circles filled with a black color. Of course, these shapes are partially transparent to create another simple effect. These new additions are required to make the center of the flower easier to read.

How to draw a lily

Now you know how to draw a lily

Below you can see the final result once all digital effects are added. This delicate flower is a little bit tricky to illustrate. It's important to be precise, subtle and gentle.

How to draw a lily
How to draw a lily

If you want to see all steps at once, then you can take a look at the illustration located above. I hope you had fun learning how to draw a lily and don't hesitate to try your own version using more complex shapes, textures and effects. :)

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