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how to draw a leprechaun using a few fun examples

How To Draw A Leprechaun Using A Few Fun Examples

Learning how to draw a leprechaun can easily be done if you have access to the right tutorials. In this series, you can enjoy four simple characters to help you achieve your goal. These lessons are also covering several techniques. You can create a basic character using mostly rectangles or try to illustrate a more complex version filled with gradients and shadows. The choice is all yours!

Leprechauns are short supernatural creatures mostly present in Irish folklore. It's also interesting to learn that these fun characters are also known for hiding pots of gold at the ends of rainbows. It's hard to say whether you can become rich using this information or not, but better keep your day job ... just in case! Let's see how we can draw this fun character quickly and easily using all lessons found below.

Using mostly rectangles and squares

The first lesson featuring a leprechaun clipart that is quite original. Indeed, the subject is mostly made from thick rectangles and squares. Only the eyes, the ears, the hands and the feet are made from circles. Just start by sketching a huge square to form the head. The body and the legs are made from rectangles.

More thin rectangles are used to represent the hat. A single curved line can be added to illustrate the mouth. Don't forget to add a beard and hair to the character. Near the waist, create a simple belt using more basic shapes. Plain colors are added to complete this cute cartoon leprechaun.

How To Draw A Leprechaun

Working on another character using fun circles

This next lesson on how to draw a leprechaun is featuring a basic subject made from curved lines. This time, most of the character is done using perfect circles, oval shapes and curved lines. Only the body and the legs are created from rectangles. The head must be large and done with a circle.

The hat is smaller and a small clover leaf is added inside this one. Notice how ears are pointed near the end. More details are added inside the vest using straight lines. Tiny reflections are also created on the pupils. Once again, add plain colors and you are done with this tutorial.

How To Draw A Leprechaun

Changing the posture for something slightly more dynamic

Our next subject is slightly more challenging to illustrate. Sure, this cartoon leprechaun is also made from basic shapes and lines. However, the posture is slightly different and details inside the head are more polished. Just like previous tutorials, this character is built using large rectangles and circles.

Inside the head, you can draw medium eyes, small pupils and short eyebrows. Tiny lines are used to form the nose and the mouth of the creature. Most outlines are thick and colored in black. In the last step, gradients are added on the character to create more volume.

How To Draw A Leprechaun

How to draw a leprechaun using cool digital effects

This last sample consists of a leprechaun cartoon filled with gradients and shadows. Just like we did for the second character, no outlines are used in the final illustration. You can start by drawing the leprechaun using the first step as a reference. Then, add gradients to bring the character to life. In the fourth step, small reflections are added on the pupils.

Shadows are also drawn under the belt. In the next steps, more subtle shadows are created to increase the depth of the image. Make sure that these new additions (the shadows) are partially transparent so that we can end up with a realistic result.

How To Draw A Leprechaun

Learning how to draw a leprechaun using all these examples was a fun experience. No doubt that you can now create your own image using all tips and techniques found above. If you had fun with these lessons, then feel free to try more cute cartoon characters from the same collection here. Don't forget to practice and have fun!

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