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how to draw a lemon that looks juicy

How To Draw A Lemon

Learning how to draw a lemon can be done in just six easy steps using this fun lesson. The illustration is featuring a sliced fruit mostly filled with orange and yellow colors. You will also have the opportunity to learn how to apply basic shadows and reflections to the subject using only solid shapes filled with plain colors. All you need to know is how to create basic shapes and lines!

Lemons are mostly used in recipes and for cleaning purposes. This fruit is quite acid, giving it a sour taste. The juice is often used to make lemonade, cocktails and marinades. You can also use the leaves to make tea or prepared meats. Great! Let's see how we can draw a delicious cartoon lemon using all steps found below.

drawing our cartoon lemon using basic shapes

Let's start this lesson by working on the silhouette of the fruit. First, draw a large circular shape made from a long irregular line. This new addition should be slightly inclined. On the right side of the shape, work on the body of the lemon using another long curved line. A small bump can be added near the bottom. Notice how the arrangement of both new shapes is creating perspective in this image.

How To Draw A Lemon

Inside the fruit, we need to draw a few triangular shapes. Most of the time, eight triangles are created. Once again, it's important to use shapes that are slightly irregular to give a natural look to the illustration. The size of each new shapes can also vary a little bit. Some triangles can be larger while others can be thinner.

How To Draw A Lemon

adding colors and a few basic effects

It's now time to bring this exciting illustration to life! The first thing we can do is add plain colors. Of course, you can use mostly yellow and orange colors to do so. While the external part is filled with a bright yellow color, you can use a darker color for the triangular shapes.

The space located between the triangles and the external part can be much brighter. I also like to change the color of outlines. Black strokes are nice, but using a brown color is even better. This will help make the illustration more realistic and more appealing.

How To Draw A Lemon

Darker shapes can be drawn to form basic shadows. These new elements are also made from solid shapes and filled with plain colors. You can begin by adding these subtle shadows on the bottom of all small triangles. Another long shape is created on the bottom part of the illustration. You can see all new additions below (surrounded by a temporary pink outline).

How To Draw A Lemon

Next, let's do something different by adding brighter shapes to form highlights and reflections. In this case, you can draw small circles and triangles all over the subject. Unlike shadows who are usually placed near the bottom of a shape, these new elements must be located near the top.

How To Draw A Lemon

Nice work learning how to draw a lemon filled with cool effects

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a lemon like the one depicted below. It's not a difficult fruit to illustrate, but some aspects of this lesson can be more challenging at times. For instance, drawing a nice perspective is definitely a good test. Adding realistic effects is also something that can be tricky. Now that this lesson is completed, don't hesitate to draw more versions using various angles, textures and even colors.

How To Draw A Lemon
How To Draw A Lemon

Above you can see all six steps required to draw this fruit accurately. If you want to try more fruits, vegetables, meals or any other cartoon food, then feel free to try this series. Have fun creating delicious images filled with flavors and taste.

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