How to Draw A Landscape

Learn how to draw a landscape featuring a beautiful sunset filled with gorgeous colors and effects! To create this landscape properly, a vector application is needed. It's also nice to know that drawing abilities are not so important here because the illustration is quite basic, but the effects are making this image spectacular.

I will show you how to create a cool landscape like this one using only a few basic shapes and a couple of tools probably already included in your application. Let's draw! :)

Step 1

First, you need to illustrate the landscape using simple shapes that don't have any outlines. As you can see below, the image is quite basic and can be done by everyone, even young kids.

Step 2

It's already time to add some effects! First, blur the white and yellow circles used to illustrate the sun. In the sky, make sure that both sides are red while the middle is orange. Finally, the river can be darker on the bottom while the grass is brighter in the middle. You can use the gradient fill tool to create these effects. 

Step 3

In the sky, draw a few clouds using orange shapes that are slightly darker than the sky. You can also add a few mountains on the right of the illustration. Don't hesitate to play with the opacity of these new shapes to create subtle elements. 

Step 4

On the mountains, draw more shapes to create darker areas. Once again, make sure that the bottom of all shapes is transparent. These new elements must only be visible from the top.

Step 5

On the grass, you can also add a few darker stripes to create more textures. Don't add too many shapes. Only a few are needed to end up with something fun to look at.

Step 6

Since this illustration is taking place during a sunset, it's a good idea to make the whole drawing slightly more orange than usual. Draw some orange shapes on the grass, the river and the green mountain. Then, use transparency to make these shapes invisible on the bottom and slightly visible on top. You can see the final result in the next step. 

Now you know how to draw a landscape that rocks!

If you compare this illustration with the one from step 5, you can see why these orange shapes were added. Nice work! Learning how to draw a landscape like this one is much easier if you already have some knowledge about working with a vector application. Hope you had fun and happy drawing! :)

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