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How to Draw a Kayak Filled With Bright Colors

How To Draw A Kayak Filled With Bright Colors

Can you can learn how to draw a kayak using only a few basic lines and shapes in just minutes? Of course you can! In this tutorial, I will show you a simple step-by-step technique to help you illustrate this fun object quickly and effectively. You will also learn how to create a simple double-bladed paddle to make sure that this fun watercraft can be used properly.

This version is featuring a single cockpit. A few elastics are also visible on top to help you carry important stuff. Kayaks were probably invented in the northern part of North America some 4000 years ago. Once made from animal skins and wood, kayaks are now built using complex materials like polyethylene. Let's see how we can sketch the version located above in just six accessible steps now. :)

drawing the silhouette of the watercraft

We can start this drawing lesson by working on the silhouette of the cartoon kayak. First, draw two long curved lines to illustrate the top of the object. Notice below how both ends are pointed. It's also the case for all lines used to draw this image. Indeed, all lines will be larger near the middle and pointed on both ends.

How To Draw A Kayak Filled With Bright Colors

adding depth to the illustration

Once the top of the kayak is created, draw a third long curved line to form the bottom part. Make sure that both ends of this new line are also connecting with both pointed ends created in the previous step.

As you can see below, the watercraft is seen using a simple perspective. The particular angle should make the illustration visually more interesting and appealing.

How To Draw A Kayak Filled With Bright Colors

sketching the cockpit

Inside the kayak (and on top of this one), you can draw the cockpit using more simple curved lines. The shape of the cockpit is similar to the one of the watercraft. Indeed, the front is pointed and made from sharp lines. You can also draw a small seat on the back using more curved lines. Excellent work! This lesson on how to draw a kayak is progressing nicely. The subject of our tutorial is now recognizable!

How To Draw A Kayak Filled With Bright Colors

drawing some details inside the image

On the back of the cartoon kayak, you can sketch a simple line as shown below. In front of the object, deck lines made from elastics are created using six small dots and more curved lines. We are now done drawing this beautiful kayak. It's time to sketch another important piece of equipment.

How To Draw A Kayak Filled With Bright Colors

adding the double-bladed paddle

On top of the kayak, you can sketch the double-bladed paddle using more simple lines and shapes. The center part of the object is made from a long and thin rectangular shape. Then, you can add paddles on both sides using perfect curved lines. A few straight lines and oval shapes are also needed to complete the object.

How To Draw A Kayak Filled With Bright Colors

how to draw a kayak filled with fun colors

Now that we are done drawing the double-bladed paddle and the kayak, let's add plain colors to this fun illustration. For this tutorial, the kayak is filled with a bright blue color. The bottom part of the kayak can be slightly darker. The cockpit can also be darker. The seat is almost black and the line on the back of the kayak is brighter.

The center part of the double-bladed paddle can be gray while the paddles are orange. That's it! This lesson on how to draw a kayak is now finished!

How To Draw A Kayak Filled With Bright Colors

If you need more help with this tutorial, then you can try using the illustration below. This one contains all steps required to illustrate this object properly. Simply study all steps carefully and sketch as many versions as needed. Of course, you can also try your own versions using various styles, colors and designs. Drawing a cartoon kayak using a side view or a top one can also be easier. Just be creative and draw as often as possible.

How To Draw A Kayak Filled With Bright Colors

Now that we are done with this fun lesson, feel free to try more vehicles from this site below. You can also learn how to draw a boat here if you prefer to stay on water. All these fun tutorials are filled with fun challenges that can help you learn to draw cool vehicles that are visually interesting. Have fun with these additional resources and don't forget to practice on a daily basis. It's the ultimate tip to help you improve your drawing abilities quickly and easily. :)

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