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How to Draw A Kangaroo made from basic shapes

How To Draw A Kangaroo Made From Basic Shapes

Learning how to draw a kangaroo can be done using simple shapes like circles and ovals. However, you can also illustrate this amazing animal using squares and rectangles. Doing so should be easier and it is possible to end up with a lovely character even if these shapes are rough and sharp.

Kangaroos are fun animals found in Australia. The fun thing about these creatures is that they are relatively easy to create. All you need to do to draw a recognizable kangaroo is sketch a pouch, a long tail and large back legs. Let's see how we can illustrate this fun animal quickly and easily using all six steps below. :)

let's begin with the creation of the body

First, you can sketch a long and thing rectangle to form the body. This shape must be vertical. We will also use this rectangle to represent the head of the cartoon kangaroo. Make sure this shape is large enough to include all the facial features of the creature.

How To Draw A Kangaroo

sketching legs and a pouch

On both sides of the subject, you can draw two thin rectangles to form the back legs. These new elements must be located on the bottom of the body. Inside the main shape, you can also create a pouch made from a thin square. The pouch is also located on the bottom part of the character. Great! This lesson on how to draw a kangaroo is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw A Kangaroo

drawing the arms and the feet

Near the bottom of the back legs, you can sketch small horizontal rectangles to form the feet of the kangaroo. These feet can be long and flat. For the arms and hands, you can simply draw thin broken lines inside the main rectangle. These new elements can be located near the middle of the main shape.

How To Draw A Kangaroo

working on the upper part of the body

On both sides of the head, you can draw thin triangles to illustrate the ears. These irregular shapes are pointed and are facing the sky. Of course, these ears must be higher than the top of the head.

Inside the head, you can create a flat triangle to represent the nose of the creature. It's a cartoon version of this animal, so don't hesitate to exaggerate this feature by drawing a large shape.

How To Draw A Kangaroo

adding the eyes, the mouth and a few more details

Above the nose, you can add two small dots to form the eyes. These shapes must be small and black. Below the nose, simply sketch a basic mouth using short curved lines. In this case, the subject is standing and smiling. Inside the feet, you can draw a few basic lines to illustrate claws. Small triangles are used for the hands.

How To Draw A Kangaroo

nice work learning how to draw a kangaroo with style

Like I said earlier, learning how to draw a kangaroo made from rectangles can be an interesting exercise. Don't hesitate to add colors to your image to enhance this one. For this tutorial, a bright beige color was added to the cartoon kangaroo.

Gradients were also used to create more depth and volume. Just make sure that the nose is black and the pouch slightly brighter.

How To Draw A Kangaroo

I hope you had fun learning to draw this cute kangaroo. Below, you can find more fun animals related to Australia (kangaroos and koalas). Don't forget to practice on a daily basis. It's the best thing you can do to improve your drawing abilities quickly and easily. Have fun! :)

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