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how to draw a hyena that is ready for some action

How to draw a hyena

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a hyena using a vector software in just six easy steps. This unique animal is often depicted with sharp teeth, angry eyes and a frightening posture. The character below is no exception. Let's see how we can draw a nice cartoon hyena quickly and easily so that we can end up with a satisfying result in no time! :)

Drawing a few basic shapes

First, let's draw a few basic shapes to create a template that will be used to illustrate the animal. This template should help us draw accurate proportions. The head of the hyena must be made from a circle. The body is done using an oval shape. Legs are made from rectangles and the tail is drawn using a triangle. Don't forget to draw a triangle on top (for the front leg) and create paws using circles.

How to draw a hyena

It's time to draw out cartoon hyena

Now that we have a few basic shapes to work with, let's draw the animal using long curved lines. For this example, I am using lines that are pointed on both sides. Notice how the ears are pointed, how eyes are made from perfect circles and the singular shape used to represent the nose. Once you are done, you can erase all basic shapes created earlier.

How to draw a hyena

adding details inside the character

Inside the head. You can draw patches on the ears. Some hair are also drawn on top of the head. Eyebrows are done using short lines. Teeth are made from small curved lines. You can also draw some hair on the legs and near the neck. 

How to draw a hyena

Adding colors to bring the character to life

It's now time to take this fun illustration and bring it to life using colors. The animal is mostly colored with a variety of brown and beige colors. The pupils must be black while the eyes and the teeth can be filled in white.

As you can see below, gradient fills are used to create some depth. All legs are lighter, but paws can be darker. Patches found inside the ears can be brighter. Finally, you can draw an additional patch around the mouth of the cartoon hyena.

How to draw a hyena

Creating new shadows using darker shapes

On the back of the hyena, you can draw small patches filled with a darker color. More shadows are also drawn on the tail, the legs, the head and around the eyes. All these new shapes must be dark and partially transparent.

How to draw a hyena

Good job learning how to draw a hyena like this one!

Below you can see the final illustration once all steps are completed. Don't hesitate to try more postures, try different colors or simply add more details. Remember that hyenas are often depicted with sharp teeth, large angry eyes and a very singular posture. Good job learning how to draw a hyena that looks cool and visually appealing. :)

How to draw a hyena
How to draw a hyena

Feel like moving on with this character and try something new? Excellent! You can find a lot of cool cartoon animals like this one from the same series here. Enjoy all these great lessons and have fun learning how to draw!

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