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how to draw a horn that looks realistic

How To Draw A Horn

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a horn using mostly a few basic shapes and several cool digital effects. Don't worry! If you don't own a digital application, you can still use the first portion of this lesson to draw the object. Even the second half of the tutorial can be done using other tools like pencils, paint or anything else you can think of. Ready? Let's see how we can create the illustration above in just eight easy steps ...

drawing the cartoon horn using basic shapes

First, let's work on the silhouette of the subject using mostly simple shapes. The opening of the horn clipart is made from a large oval shape (drawn on the left of the image). Next, you can draw the main part of the object using curved lines. Notice the similarity between the edge of the oval shape and the right end of the cylinder.

How To Draw A Horn

Next, you can draw a handle using more curved lines. A grip is also created by drawing an additional line inside the handle. Make sure that all proportions are right. The handle should not be too large nor too small.

How To Draw A Horn

Inside the opening, you can sketch another oval shape like shown below. Notice how the edge created inside the larger oval shape is narrower on the left. This detail is important since the object is shown from a side view. A small patch is also drawn near the end of the cylinder.

How To Draw A Horn

A small oval shape is added inside the opening. Once again, make sure this one is centered and perfectly aligned with the rest of the object. A few curved lines are added on the left of the new addition.

How To Draw A Horn

Great work! Now that the cartoon horn is completed, let's add some colors inside the object. To do so, you can use gradients. This useful tool can help you create depth in just a few seconds. Notice how the blue area is much darker near the bottom (and therefore brighter on top). You can use the same technique inside every single shape.

How To Draw A Horn

creating nice shadows quickly and easily

Let's create more volume by adding simple shadows. One simple thing you can do to create realistic shadows is to play with the opacity of the new shapes. Indeed, shadows are often darker on one end and less visible near the other. Of course, dark colors are needed inside these new additions.

All new elements added inside the clipart horn can be seen below (with a temporary pink outline). Shadows are created on the bottom of the cylinder, on top of the handle and inside the opening (near the bottom).

How To Draw A Horn

let's make this horn clipart shiny!

Shadows are great, but this object is usually made from shiny materials (whether it's plastic or metal). Let's create simple reflections using new white shapes. Just like we did for shadows, it's a good practice to play with the opacity of the new elements if you want to end up with something realistic. You can see all new shapes below.

How To Draw A Horn

nice work learning how to draw a horn

See how this cool cartoon horn is visually appealing? Mixing gradients with shadows and highlights is definitely a good recipe! Of course, feel free to draw more horns using various shapes, colors and patterns. Don't hesitate to draw more shadows and highlights too! Possibilities are endless!

How To Draw A Horn
How To Draw A Horn

Now that this lesson on how to draw a horn is completed, you are invited to try more cool lessons from the same series here. Tons of fun cartoon objects are also available to be tested below! :)

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