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how to draw a hoodie that looks cool

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Learning how to draw a hoodie that looks cool can easily be achieved using this lesson. I will show you a simple technique to sketch the silhouette of the subject and how to add nice textures using only plain colors. Once you can draw this fun piece of clothing, creating more versions will be much easier.

Sketching amazing clothes is important if you want to end up with realistic cartoon characters. After all, clothes are the first things we see when analyzing and trying to understand a subject. It can tell you a lot about the person you are about to interact with.

Ready? Let's see how we can draw a nice cartoon hoodie in just eight steps using the lesson found below ...

How To Draw A Hoodie That Looks Cool

adding basic shapes to form a template

First, it can be a good idea to draw a few basic shapes to form a template that will be used to draw the silhouette. It's also the best moment to polish the posture and work on the proportions of the subject. You can start by sketching a head using a large oval shape. Next, draw two large rectangles to illustrate the body. Another rectangle is added below the head to form the neck. The hood of the hoodie is represented by thin shape.

How To Draw A Hoodie That Looks Cool

sketching the silhouette using thin lines

Now that some shapes were added to help us draw the subject, you can work on the silhouette of the cartoon hoodie using mostly curved lines. Start by drawing the head and the ears as shown in the image below. Then, create the hood using straighter lines. Complete this step by sketching the silhouette of the hoodie itself using more curved lines.

How To Draw A Hoodie That Looks Cool

adding more details to the drawing

On the hoodie, you can add drawstrings using long irregular lines. On the hood, you can add a few lines to create more depth. On the bottom of the object, you can add a large kangaroo pocket using more lines. Small stripes are sketched on both ends. A similar pattern is added on the end of both sleeves.

How To Draw A Hoodie That Looks Cool

sketching folds

We can now start polishing the hoodie by adding more lines to create folds. If you want to learn how to draw a hoodie that looks a little bit realistic, these additions are necessary. You can see below that some lines were added on the hood, the sleeves, the kangaroo pocket and near the drawstrings.

How To Draw A Hoodie That Looks Cool

working with colors

Adding colors is also a good idea if you want to create an appealing version of this piece of clothing. For this particular lesson, the object is colored in blue. The top part of the hood, the stripes on the kangaroo pocket and the bottom part of the sleeves can all be darker. The drawstrings are white. 

How To Draw A Hoodie That Looks Cool

drawing more shapes to form cool shadows

In the next step on how to draw a hoodie, we will add more shapes to create subtle shadows. These new elements will create more depth and volume inside this illustration. Only plain colors are used to create these new additions.

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You can draw fun shadows on the left side of the head and the neck. More subtle shapes are drawn all over the subject. Since the light source is located on top (and near the right of the image), sketch all shadows accordingly.

How To Draw A Hoodie That Looks Cool

adding softer shapes

Inside the hoodie, you can draw more subtle shapes to create more shadows. All elements added in this step are filled with a brighter color compared to the previous step. A few circular shapes are also added to create a more interesting pattern.

How To Draw A Hoodie That Looks Cool

nice work learning how to draw a hoodie

That's it for this lesson! I hope you had fun learning to draw this piece of clothing using only a few simple shapes, lines and colors. It's now time to draw various versions using different postures, textures and colors. Just be creative and don't hesitate to experiment as much as possible.

How To Draw A Hoodie That Looks Cool

Below you can see all steps needed to create this simple cartoon hoodie. You can compare each step with each other to help you understand how to proceed.

How To Draw A Hoodie That Looks Cool

Now that this lesson on how to draw a hoodie is completed, you can try more lessons from this series below (or here). Learning to sketch accurate body parts and clothes is important if you want to create relevant characters in your work. Have fun and keep practicing as much as possible. :)

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