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How to Draw A Hippo made from simple squares

How To Draw A Hippo Made From Simple Squares

Learning how to draw a hippo usually means using large curved lines and circles. In this tutorial, I would like to propose a new alternative. Let's create this adorable creature using straight lines, squares and rectangles. It will be an interesting challenge for sure.

The good news is that these basic shapes are very easy to draw. Therefore, building this animal from scratch using this innovating technique should be easier. Let's see how we can build our subject and come up with a picture like the one above using only a few simple steps. :)

working on the body and the head

First, let's create the body of the cartoon hippo using a large rectangle. Inside this one, you can draw a smaller rectangle to illustrate the head. Notice that the larger shape must be horizontal while the smaller one should be vertical. Edges of the smaller rectangle are also aligned with the edges of the larger shape.

How To Draw A Hippo

adding legs and working inside the head

On the bottom of the large rectangle, you can sketch two small squares to create legs. Only the one created on the right must be aligned with the body. Inside the head, you can draw a line that will be used to create the mouth later in the drawing lesson.

How To Draw A Hippo

sketching subtle ears and more legs

First, you can draw subtle ears on both sides of the head using small squares. Ears of hippos are usually small, so it's important to use shapes that are not too noticeable. These new elements must be aligned with the top of the body.

Next, you can draw two more legs below the character. This time, the new shapes must be smaller and placed slightly higher than the original legs. Great! This lesson on how to draw a hippo is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Hippo

drawing more features inside the head

It's time to sketch small dots to form the eyes of the cartoon character. For this lesson, I have placed both eyes close to each other. Below the jaw, you can sketch two small rectangles to create the teeth. Finally, complete this step with the addition of a tail made from a long broken line.

How To Draw A Hippo

polishing the cartoon hippo with more details

Inside the smaller rectangle located inside the head, you can sketch two more oval shapes to illustrate the nose. Small curved lines are also needed inside all three legs to complete this step. Nice work! This fun character is now completed. All we need is to add colors to the creature.

How To Draw A Hippo

Completing this lesson on how to draw a hippo with colors

Since it's a cartoon character, you can use any color you want inside the hippo. Although hippos are not quite pink in real life, I have decided to use this color for this tutorial. I also played with gradients to give more depth and volume to the character. Notice how most shapes are now darker near the bottom and brighter on top.

How To Draw A Hippo

Great work! I hope you had fun learning how to draw a hippo using this basic step-by-step lesson. Just keep practicing and you will be able to create this one without using a model. If you prefer to use curved lines to illustrate this fun creature, then you can look at more lessons from this site below. Enjoy and remember to practice as often as possible. :)

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