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how to draw a headset ready to play nice music

How To Draw A Headset

Learning how to draw a headset can be easily done using a mix of basic shapes. Of course, you need to know how to assemble these elements to create the correct object. In this lesson, I will show you how to sketch the perfect cartoon headset using oval shapes and curved lines. You will also have the opportunity to add shapes and reflections to end up with a more realistic version. Ready? Great! Let's see how we can illustrate the headset located above in just eight easy steps now.

using basic shapes to create our cartoon headset

First, you can start working on this object by sketching the headband using long curved lines. Notice how the top of the headband is slightly flat. The middle part can be larger while both ends are slightly narrower. Next, you can draw the ear cups near the bottom of the illustration using thin oval shapes. 

How To Draw A Headset

It's now time to draw the ear pads using more long oval shapes. Three simple layers are required. One to connect the ear pad to the ear cup and two additional shapes to illustrate the ear chambers. Shapes located inside the drawing (on both sides) must be larger.

How To Draw A Headset

We can also draw a small microphone to make this headset even more appealing. The microphone itself is done using a small rectangle drawn using smooth corners. The ear cup and the microphone are joined by a shape made from two curved lines. Nice work! This object is now completed. It's now time to add some colors and effects to create a more interesting picture.

How To Draw A Headset

You can use gradients to bring this image to life. The headband and the ear pads are filled with subtle gray colors. The rest of the object can be colored in blue. Gradients are nice because they allow you to create depth and volume quickly and easily. As you can see below, the headband is much darker near the top. These effects are nice, but we can improve this headset clip art even more.

How To Draw A Headset

adding simple effects inside this headset clip art

This lesson on how to draw a headset is not quite over yet. It's now time to add some basic effects like shadows and reflections to create more depth inside the drawing. In this step, you can draw dark patterns on the ear pads using simple curved lines.

These new additions can be filled with a black color, but it can be a good idea to use transparency to make this effect more realistic. Indeed, shadows are often soft and partially transparent. That's why it's a good idea to play with the opacity of all new shapes at this point of the tutorial.

How To Draw A Headset

Keep on drawing cool shadows on this cartoon headset as shown in the image below. Shadows are created mostly near the bottom of the picture, were the light source is less present. All new shapes are surrounded by a temporary pink outline to help you located all new additions.

How To Draw A Headset

Dark shapes are great, but sketching highlights and reflections can also be a good idea. Creating contrast is crucial to help you draw a realistic headset clip art. Once again, make sure the bottom part of all new shapes are partially transparent.

How To Draw A Headset

nice job learning how to draw a headset in eight easy steps!

Now that all steps are completed, you should end up with something similar to the image located below. Of course, many models are available so don't hesitate to draw other versions (or create your own). You can also try new angles, sketch more textures and play with colors. Just be creative and try new things!

How To Draw A Headset
How To Draw A Headset

All steps required to illustrate this fun cartoon headset can be seen in the image above. Now that this fun lesson is completed, feel free to try more cool objects from the same series here. Additional lessons are also available below. Enjoy! :)

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