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how to draw a hairbrush loaded with cute details

How to draw a hairbrush

Learning how to draw a hairbrush that looks visually appealing and slightly realistic is not that difficult. In this lesson, I will show you how to create the silhouette of the object using basic shapes. Then, you will have the opportunity to create basic effects using gradients, shadows and highlights. Once you are familiar with the creation process, creating new hairbrushes made from various shapes and colors will be easier. Ready? Let's start this tutorial now ...

drawing the silhouette using basic shapes

First, let's work on the basic silhouette of this cartoon hairbrush. The top of the object is illustrated with a large oval shape. The handle is made from a rectangle that must be slightly narrower on top. A whole is created on the bottom of the handle using a small oval shape.

How to draw a hairbrush

adding the spokes using more oval shapes

On top of the hairbrush, sketch two oval shapes to represent the spokes. Both new shapes must be the same size, but should be located slightly apart from each other. Indeed, we need to create some depth to illustrate this object properly.

How to draw a hairbrush

creating more volume using more curved lines

Now that the hairbrush is drawn, let's duplicate the shape of this one to create more volume. Don't forget to draw another small curved line inside the hole located on the bottom of the handle. That's it for the drawing aspect of this lesson. It's now time to add colors and create cool digital effects.

How to draw a hairbrush

working with gradients

Another simple technique we can use to create more volume inside the drawing is to add gradients. In this case, the handle is colored in red while the spokes are filled with a light brown color. Notice how the bottom of each shape is slightly darker than the top.

How to draw a hairbrush

adding simple textures

If we want to achieve our goal of creating a realistic hairbrush, adding gradients is not enough. We also need some textures to give more depth to this illustration. All new shapes created in this step are also partially transparent.

All you need to do is create a pattern filled with tiny oval shapes on top of the brush. Simple lines are also created on the side of the object. These new shapes are filled with a dark brown color (but are currently seen in blue below).

How to draw a hairbrush

drawing subtle shadows

No, we are not done yet! To increase the level of realism of this object, you can also draw simple shadows on areas that are slightly hidden from the light source. Once again, we need to play with the opacity of these new elements so that the result looks convincing and visually appealing.

How to draw a hairbrush

creating highlights and reflections

One last thing we can do to enhance this cartoon hairbrush is to draw new bright shapes that will be used as highlights. These new additions are colored in white and are also partially transparent.

How to draw a hairbrush

nice work learning how to draw a hairbrush

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a hairbrush like the one found below. It's definitely not an easy object to illustrate, but with all tips available on this page, it can be done. Don't hesitate to try more shapes, more colors and more textures.

How to draw a hairbrush

Below, you can see all steps needed to draw this cartoon hairbrush inside a single illustration. Now that this lesson is completed, you are invited to try more tutorials from the same series here. Enjoy! :)

How to draw a hairbrush

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