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how to draw a goldfish and fun other fish

How to draw a goldfish

Learn how to draw a goldfish, a tuna and a cute green fish using this short series made from basic shapes. You will have the opportunity to create a basic template that can be used to draw all three characters as well as most farm and wild animals you can think of. Once you are familiar with these lessons, drawing more cute cartoon characters using the same recipe should be easy. Ready? Let's start with the first cartoon animal from this collection ...

drawing a goldfish in four easy steps

Here we go! First, draw the head using a square made from a long curved line. Draw a short body using the same technique, only smaller. Next, draw two tiny fins on both sides of the body and two additional fins on the bottom of the cartoon goldfish.

Continue working on the character by adding both eyes using small dots. A long curved line is used to form the mouth of the animal. Another small fin can be seen above the head. Patterns are added on the chest and a patch is drawn around the face. Just add bright colors and you are done!

How to draw a goldfish

illustrating a lovable cartoon tuna

The next cartoon animal available in this series is a beautiful cartoon tuna. First, draw the body and the head using the same technique as the previous character. All fins added on this character are also quite similar to what we have done previously.

What makes this cute character unique are the small triangles on both sides of the body and the pattern found on the chest. Colors are also different since this cartoon tuna is filled with saturated blue and yellow colors.

How to draw a goldfish - tuna

a cute green fish to complete this series

This character is also very similar to both versions found above. The pattern on the chest is simpler and the color used inside the character is green (one dark color and one bright version). This example shows that you don't necessarily need to change much to end up with a different cartoon character.

How to draw a goldfish - green fish

Hope you had fun learning how to draw a goldfish (and other fish)

Learning how to draw a goldfish and various other fish was a fun activity. If you are looking for more tutorials featuring the same template, then you can take a look at the whole series here. Have fun learning how to draw cool farm animals, creative wild animals, small insects and amazing sea creatures. As long as you are practicing on a daily basis, you should learn how to draw cute cartoon characters quickly and easily.

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