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How to Draw A Goblin that is cute and angry

This lesson will show you how to draw a goblin made from complex elements using a vector application. It's true that illustrating this character might be a little bit intimidating. Not because this one looks aggressive, but rather because this goblin is made from several shapes, effects and colors. Let's draw this fun character one step at a time and see how it goes! :)

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Step 1

First, draw the cartoon goblin using simple lines. Remember that this character must be short and massive. Some features that must be drawn accurately are the ears (large ones), the nose, the eyebrows, the back and the single tooth.

Step 2

Next, add plain colors to this illustration. The skin can be filled with a dirty green color while the shirt and the shoes are colored in brown. The pants are blue and don't forget to add some colors to the outlines too (black ones are not very interesting). 

Step 3

Use the gradient fill tool to add a second color to all shapes seen in this picture. For example, the shirt can be bright on top (where the light source is), but the bottom of this shirt can be darker. Repeat the same technique on all elements. 

Step 4

Time to give more volume to this cartoon goblin. Draw new shapes on the eyebrows and the nose. These new shapes must be colored in white and partially transparent. Then, draw new elements below the nose and the eyes. These new shapes can be filled with a similar color used to fill in the skin, but darker. Once again, you can play with the opacity of these new shapes for a better result. 

Step 5

That's how this goblin looks like now that these steps are completed. It's now time to draw even more new shapes to create a drawing that is realistic and filled with depth and volume. 

Step 6

Sketch darker shapes on the eyes, the nose, the ears, below the mouth, on the shirt and on the stick. Make sure that these new shapes are slightly transparent to end up with a subtle effect. 

Step 7

Draw additional shapes on the eyebrow, below the nose, on the side of the head, on the left ear, on the shirt, below the stick and on the shoes. Use the same technique as the one used in step number six to end up with a drawing like the one seen in step number 8.

Step 8

Let's take a little break to see the progress so far. The character looks great, but we can add one more step to this tutorial to make this goblin even more terrifying. 

Step 9

Sketch white shapes on the forehead, the left ear, the back, the arm, the hand, the pants and the shoes of the character. Play with the opacity of these new shapes to create a subtle effect.

Know you know how to draw a goblin that looks ... bad! :)

Nice work! Now this cartoon character looks even more realistic! As you can see, even a simple design can end up looking great only by adding simple effects that are not so difficult to achieved once you understand the purpose of each element that is added to the drawing.

Have fun with this angry goblin and don't hesitate to draw more fun creatures below. :)

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