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how to draw a ghost with a fun look

How to draw a ghost

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a ghost made from basic shapes and colors in just a few easy steps. You will also have the opportunity to create simple effects to enhance your cartoon character. Ghosts have been part of popular culture for a very long time.

A lot of people are pretty sure ghosts exist. Several men and women also claim to have witness ghosts at some point in their lives. Whether ghosts really exist of not doesn't really matter. These creatures are fun to illustrate and that's exactly what we are going to do now.

studying this character before proceeding with the tutorial

Let's begin this lesson by taking a deeper look at the character we are about to illustrate. The version we are using here is based on an entity wearing a simple piece of clothing. It does have human features, but this little creature is not 100% male or female.

How to draw a ghost

First, both eyes are made from simple holes (1). Of course, these eyes must look slightly menacing. On top of the head, a pointed piece of clothing is visible (2). The head is round and almost as large as the body (3). You can draw two hands with four fingers (4). This is only a cartoon character after all.

This cartoon ghost doesn't have feet (5). Instead, a long pointed tail is attached to the hips. Notice how the bottom of the body is made from strong curved lines (6). The waist is slightly narrower and both arms are up (7). Finally, don't hesitate to sketch a large angry smile on the face of your creature.

Drawing this cartoon ghost using basic shapes

Great! Let's start this lesson by drawing a few basic shapes to create a template. First, draw a large circle to form the head. On top, sketch a few triangles. The body is made from a large rectangle. The tail of the monster is done using two triangle. You can complete this step by adding small rectangles and circles to represent the arms.

How to draw a ghost

We can now use these shapes to illustrate our character. This illustration is mostly made from short curved lines with pointed ends. Notice how the cheeks are visible near the middle of the face. You can also draw a short neck and large hands. Good work! This lesson on how to draw a ghost is progressing nicely!

How to draw a ghost

Inside the head, you can draw the eyes and the mouth using more short lines. Once again, remember that the smile of the character must be very large. You can draw subtle teeth using thin straight lines.

How to draw a ghost

It's now time to add colors inside the cartoon ghost. Since this iconic creature is covered with a simple piece of clothing, you can use a simple gray color. Eyes can be slightly darker while teeth can remain white. This cartoon character is quite simple to color.

How to draw a ghost

Let's bring this illustration to another level by adding some reflections. All over the character, you can draw large white shapes as seen in the image below (with a temporary blue outline). To be effective, these new additions must be partially transparent. Indeed, some areas must be completely transparent while others are slightly visible.

How to draw a ghost

good job learning how to draw a ghost like this one!

Nice work! This fun cartoon ghost is now completed! One last thing you can do to improve this image is to make the whole character partially transparent (as seen below). Remember that ghosts can have all the features that you want. There are no rules. In fact, anything that lives (a dog, a human, a creature, a bee) can become a ghost at some point. Just make sure to add enough effects (a halo, transparency) to convert your character into a floating spirit.

How to draw a ghost
How to draw a ghost

Now that this lesson on how to draw a ghost is over, you are invited to try more cute cartoon characters from the same series here. Have fun drawing and don't forget to practice as often as possible.

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