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how to draw a gazelle with a fun posture that looks cute

How to draw a gazelle

Learning how to draw a gazelle can be a challenging task. The anatomy of this cute animal can be tricky to illustrate. Back legs don't have a natural alignment and the body is also hard to get right. In this lesson, I will show you how to sketch a cartoon gazelle that looks great and visually appealing in just eight steps. You will have the opportunity to create strong shadows and simple highlights using basic tips. Ready? Cool! Let's proceed with the first step now.

adding a few basic shapes to begin with

First, we need to create a template that will be used to draw accurate proportions. It's also a good time to place the character properly into our workspace. You can start by drawing a circle to form the head. The mouth is done using a rectangle. More circles are used to form the body and the top of the back leg. The neck and the bottom of the legs are made from rectangles.

How to draw a gazelle

drawing the silhouette of the cartoon gazelle

Now that we have a template to work with, let's draw the silhouette of the gazelle using long curved lines. You can also draw both legs that are located behind the character. Once you are done with this step, you can erase all shapes (with a gray outlines) created earlier.

How to draw a gazelle

working inside the head

Inside the head, draw the eye and the pupil using perfect circles. The nose is made from a simple curved line. Ears are also made from curved lines while both horns are drawn from broken ones. You can also sketch the tail using more short lines.

How to draw a gazelle

adding simple patches

This cartoon gazelle is filled with various colors that are separated by thin lines. You can create these patches inside the ears, around the mouth, on the neck, the body and the legs. Now that the animal is completed, let's proceed with the addition of colors ...

How to draw a gazelle

playing with gradients

This cute character is mostly filled with brown colors. The body and the head are filled with light brown colors. Patches drawn in the previous step can be brighter while the horns, the nose, the tail and the horns are darker. Both the pupils and the hooves are colored in black.

How to draw a gazelle

creating beautiful shadows

In order to create more depth, let's draw a few shadows on the cartoon character. All these new shapes must be colored in black. Since we want to end up with subtle shadows that are not too distracting, you can play with the opacity of these shadows. Most shapes will be partially transparent near the bottom and invisible on top.

You can draw shadows below the horns, around the eye, on the neck and on the tail. More shadows are drawn on top of the front legs and on both legs located behind the animal.

How to draw a gazelle

adding simple highlights

Using the same recipe (adding new shapes that are partially transparent), you can create highlights on the body of the character. These new additions must be colored in white. You can also draw a reflection inside the pupil as seen in the illustration below.

How to draw a gazelle

nice work learning how to draw a gazelle

That's it for this lesson on how to draw a gazelle. You can now try to draw more versions of this adorable animal using different patterns, colors and postures. Of course, don't hesitate to add your personal touch and draw another gazelle using your own style. Duplicating lessons from this site is good, but developing your own drawing personality is even better!

How to draw a gazelle
How to draw a gazelle

Above you can see all steps from this tutorial grouped inside a single illustration. Now that we are done with our cute friend, why not try more animals from the same series here? Enjoy! :)

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