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How to Draw A Fox using squares and rectangles

How To Draw A Fox Using Squares And Rectangles

You can learn how to draw a fox using simple curved lines and circular shapes. However, you can also represent this fun animal using straight lines, rectangles and squares. In both cases, sketching mostly basic shapes can help make the drawing process more accessible.

Of course, drawing an animal using only squares, rectangles and triangles can seem like a weird exercise. But it can be a fun thing to do for various reasons. First, you will end up with fun and unexpected results. It's also a little bit easier to use rectangles rather than sketching circles. Finally, you can easily unleash your creativity and create something different.

Your biggest challenge will be to sketch a recognizable version of a cartoon fox. Let's see how we can do that in just six easy steps.

drawing the body and the tail using long rectangles

First, you can sketch the body using a long and thin rectangle. This one must be vertical. Also, make sure this shape is wide enough. Indeed, the front legs and the face of the subject will be added in this shape later in the tutorial. Next, draw a thin tail on the right side of the main rectangle. This new shape must be slightly smaller and thinner.

How To Draw A Fox

working inside the body

Now that the silhouette of the animal is partially visible, you can draw a line near the middle of the body. On this line, sketch a small rectangle in the upper section of the body. This new shape will be used to represent the nose. On the bottom of the body, draw another rectangle to form a patch on the chest.

How To Draw A Fox

adding more fun features to the cartoon fox

On both sides of the head, you can sketch small triangles to illustrate the cheeks. This step is important if you want to make sure your subject looks like a fox. Inside the tail, draw a thin line near the bottom. Finally, draw both back legs using small squares. These new elements are located on the bottom of the subject.

How To Draw A Fox

sketching the ears and the front legs

On top of the head, you can draw two small triangular shape to represent the ears of the character. These new additions must be small and pointed. Make sure that both ears are smaller than the cheeks.

Near the bottom of the body, you can sketch both front legs using small rectangles. These new shapes are sketched side-by-side. Great work! This lesson on how to draw a fox is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw A Fox

creating important details like the eyes

Like I said earlier, this cartoon fox is mostly made from squares, rectangles and triangles. However, you can use small dots to form the eyes as shown below. Both shapes can be close to each other (but not too close either). Inside all four legs, you can also sketch small pointed lines. Cool! We are done drawing this fun animal. Only one simple step is remaining.

How To Draw A Fox

adding colors to complete this lesson on how to draw a fox

Adding colors is definitely a good idea if you want to create an appealing character. This fun animal is mostly filled with orange and brown colors. The nose can be black. The head is white, just like the patches on the tip of the tail and on the chest.

How To Draw A Fox

Nice work! I hope you had fun learning how to draw a fox made from sharp shapes and gradient colors. This is definitely a fun exercise to do. You can also sketch more versions using different textures, shapes and colors.

Now that we are done working with this adorable cartoon animal, don't hesitate to try more fun lessons from this site below. Just practice as often as possible and enjoy! :)

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