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how to draw a fork using simple digital effects

How to draw a fork

Learning how to draw a fork can be slightly difficult since this object is a little bit complicated to get right at first. Mostly made from long curved lines, some areas need to be drawn properly if you want to end up with a recognizable illustration. This useful kitchen tool is widely used throughout the world although some cultures don't even use forks to eat. Let's see how we can draw this utensil filled with cool digital effects in just a few easy steps.

Drawing the silhouette of the fork clip art

First, we need to work on the silhouette of the fork clip art using a few basic tips. The object is viewed from the side (with a slight angle) so it's important to pay attention to all following details. You can start by drawing tines using short straight lines (1). The points must be slightly curved. The roots (2) are also round, but should be narrower than the top of the tines.

Both sides of the neck are made from curved lines. The left side (3) is rounder while the right side (4) is made from a smooth curved line. The handle (5) is mostly straight near the middle of the object. Finally, the bottom of the handle (6) is rounder and larger than the middle part.

How to draw a fork

adding some depth

Now that the silhouette of the cartoon fork is completed, you can draw more lines to create some depth. Basically, you need to duplicate lines that are visible on the right side of the object. Notice how the points are much thinner than the rest of the object.

How to draw a fork

working with simple gradients

Forks are usually filled with light gray colors. For this step, you can also use a darker gray color for the depth created in the previous step. Gradients are a good tool that you can use to create volume inside the image. As you can see below. the handle is much darker than the tines. The same technique was used on the depth (it's slightly darker near the bottom).

How to draw a fork

a little shadow added above the neck

A small dark spot can be drawn above the neck. This new shape is partially transparent on top and near the bottom. We don't need to draw more shadows since this shiny object is depicted from a top view.

How to draw a fork

highlights and reflections to illustrate metal

This cute cartoon fork is probably made of metal. That's why it can be a good idea to draw some highlights on the tines and near the bottom of the handle using bright white shapes. Of course, we also need to add some transparency (or play with the opacity of the new shapes) to create a realistic fork clip art. Both new shapes can be seen below (with a temporary pink outline).

How to draw a fork

Nice work learning how to draw a fork

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a fork using this simple tutorial. Forks can be drawn using various shapes, sizes and colors. You can also draw simple patterns, create fancy versions or try new angles. It's all up to you! Simply use some of the tips found here and drawn your own utensils!

How to draw a fork
How to draw a fork

Above, you can see all steps required to draw a realistic cartoon fork quickly and easily. Now that this lesson on how to draw a clip art fork is completed, please don't hesitate to try more objects from the same series here. A spoon and a knife are also available! Enjoy! :)

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