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how to draw a flashlight that looks shiny

How to draw a flashlight

Learning how to draw a flashlight is not a difficult task if you can draw a few basic shapes. Adding cool effects to create more depth and volume can be more challenging. In this tutorial, I will show you how to do both. The first segment of the lesson is dedicated to the creation of the object. Then, we will add a few shadows and reflections to make this object even more appealing.

a short video to see all steps in action

You can start by taking a look at the short video below featuring all steps of this tutorial (and more). Although the same object this drawn, the video is filled with a few more steps to help you figure out more easily what's going on. When you are done, simply proceed with the rest of the lesson below.

starting with the case of the cartoon flashlight

First, let's draw the case of our subject using a few oval shapes. On the tip of the cartoon flashlight, sketch two oval shapes as shown below. A third shape made from curved lines is added on top of the previous additions. Make sure that all proportions are similar.

How to draw a flashlight

working on the tube

Next, create the tube using two more shapes. First, draw a curved line between the case and the tube to form a junction. Next, sketch the tube using a long rectangle with a round end. Now that the silhouette of the object is completed, let's add some details.

How to draw a flashlight

drawing the lamp, the lens and the switch

On the tube (and near the middle of the object), draw a switch using a rectangle made from curved lines and a dot. Then, on the tip of the case, draw the lamp using a small circle. The lens can be done using another medium oval shape.

How to draw a flashlight

adding gradients to bring the object to life

Nothing is more efficient than colors to bring an illustration to life. For this tutorial, I have selected a bright red color for the subject. Using gradients can give more depth to the illustration. Notice how the bottom of the object is slightly darker than the top. The lamp also feels more realistic when gradients are used.

How to draw a flashlight

creating basic shadows near the lens

Now that the object is drawn and cool colors were added to the image, let's add more complex digital effects to create more volume. In this step, we need to sketch new shapes that can be partially transparent for a better result.

First, let's draw two reflections on the lens as shown below (both shapes with the blue outlines). Then, create two basic shadows on the lens using curved lines (pink outlines). Finally, let's draw another shadow on the bottom of the lens to complete this step (green outline).

How to draw a flashlight

adding stronger shadows on the case

In this step, all you need to do is draw more darker shapes to create contrast between all sections of the object. You can also draw shadows on the switch and near the lens. Once again, make sure that all new shapes are partially transparent.

How to draw a flashlight

drawing more highlights to create more depth

For the last step of this tutorial, let's draw several reflections on the case of the cartoon flashlight to create more volume. All new shapes must be white and partially transparent too. Each new shapes can be more visible on one end and virtually invisible on the other.

How to draw a flashlight

good job learning how to draw a flashlight

I hope you had fun learning how to draw a flashlight using this intermediate lesson. A shiny object like this one offers cool possibilities if you want to draw more versions. Indeed, you can try different shapes, various colors or simply add more effects and textures.

How to draw a flashlight
How to draw a flashlight

Above, you can see all steps needed to end up with a cool cartoon flashlight. Now that this fun object is completed, why not try more tutorial from the same series here and work with something different? More lessons featuring electronics are also available below. Have fun! :)

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