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How to Draw A Flag using simple shapes and lines

How To Draw A Flag Using Simple Shapes And Lines

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a flag (the American one) using a simple template. Drawing a flat flag can be pretty difficult especially if the subject of your flag is loaded with small details. 

So imagine how challenging it can be if you also need to create a flag that is floating around and made with irregular shape! In this case, you will draw an American flag using simple lines and a couple of... stars!

Just remember that this flag is made of seven red stripes (with a white stripe between each pair for a total of six white stripes), 50 stars and a big square. In this tutorial, I have added a grey tone on the flag to make it readable on the white background.

creating a simple rectangle

You can start this lesson by drawing a simple rectangle as shown in the image below. This shape will be used to form the shape that contains all stars from the flag. I have decided to use a perfect rectangle, but you can easily try one made from curved lines.

How To Draw A Flag Using Simple Shapes And Lines

Adding a few basic stripes

We can now draw a first set of stripes. Since the flag is in motion, we need to depict this movement properly. Simply sketch seven thin stripes using the shapes found below. Notice how all stripes are perfectly aligned on the right side of the image.

How To Draw A Flag Using Simple Shapes And Lines

Creating the remaining parts of the stripes

Like I said earlier, this flag is moving so it's important to capture this motion properly. That's why this step is so important. We need to complete the stripes using more thin rectangles.

However, a fold is visible inside the flag. To depict this part as we should, make sure all new stripes are slightly lower as shown below.

How To Draw A Flag Using Simple Shapes And Lines

time to draw some beautiful stars

Inside the rectangle, you can now draw the stars. Make sure these elements are perfectly aligned. You can see how this part of the object should look like below. Excellent work! This lesson on how to draw a flag is progressing nicely. :)

How To Draw A Flag Using Simple Shapes And Lines

adding simple plain colors

To create the perfect American flag, you will need to add blue and red colors. Since the flag is mostly white between the red stripes, you can use a subtle gray color instead. Nice work! This object is cool, but we can make it better by adding some simple effects.

How To Draw A Flag Using Simple Shapes And Lines

let's add some gradients inside the flag

This object is filled with depth and volume, so it's important to depict this fact accurately. To do so, you can simply add gradients inside the flag. As you can see below, some areas are slightly darker than others. Inside the blue rectangle, some reflection is also visible near the top (on the right).

How To Draw A Flag Using Simple Shapes And Lines

Nice work learning how to draw a flag in 6 easy steps

Great work! Learning how to draw a flag can be challenging if you want to create depth and volume inside the object. You can apply these tips and techniques on any flag you can think of. Have fun practicing and why not try a few more objects below too. Enjoy! :)

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