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How to Draw a Fist in Eight Easy Steps

How To Draw A Fist In Eight Easy Steps

Learning how to draw a fist can be useful in certain situations. Indeed, you might have to illustrate an angry character or someone fighting for its rights. In both cases, knowing how to illustrate this part of the body properly is crucial if you want to make sure your subject looks realistic.

In just eight easy steps, you will learn to draw a nice cartoon fist filled with plain colors and basic shadows. I will also show you to use lines filled with great colors and sketched with pointed ends. Creating an appealing cartoon image can easily be done using only a few basic techniques.

sketching a basic template to work with

First, it can be a good idea to sketch a few basic shapes to form a template. This template will then be used to draw the silhouette of the fist. You can start by adding a rectangle to represent the wrist. On top of this shape, draw another irregular rectangle to create the bottom part of the palm.

How To Draw A Fist In Eight Easy Steps

adding the fingers using thinner rectangles

Now that the bottom part of the cartoon fist is created, you can add more rectangles to form the fingers. Only the thumb is drawn using a different angle. To create all five fingers, you can use short rectangles that are narrow. You can leave a little bit of space on the left side of the little finger. Make sure that the posture and the proportions are accurate before proceeding with the next step.

How To Draw A Fist In Eight Easy Steps

drawing the silhouette using long curved lines

On top of the template, sketch the silhouette using pointed lines. All fingers can be close to each other. The wrist is large and the bottom part of the palm is made from two long curved lines.

Notice the particular shape of the thumb. It's the most challenging finger to illustrate. Once you are done drawing this fist, you can erase all solid shapes created earlier (the ones with the gray outlines).

How To Draw A Fist In Eight Easy Steps

sketching a few more details

Inside the thumb, you can sketch a simple nail using a short curved line. More subtle lines are added on the palm of the hand. You can also draw a long line in the middle of the wrist. Great work! This lesson on how to draw a fist is progressing nicely.

How To Draw A Fist In Eight Easy Steps

It's time to play with colors!

Now that the cartoon fist is created, it's time to add colors to the illustration. The nail must be slightly brighter than the thumb. I also like to modify the color of all outlines. Indeed, black can be fine, but using another color can be visually more interesting.

How To Draw A Fist In Eight Easy Steps

drawing dark shadows to create contrast

Inside the fist, you can draw two additional shapes to represent simple shadows. These new elements must be darker to create the desired effect. You can see these new shapes below (surrounded by a temporary blue outline).

How To Draw A Fist In Eight Easy Steps

adding more shadows to complete this lesson

More subtle shadows can be added on the subject. New shapes are drawn on the fingers, the left part of the palm and the wrist. Unlike shadows created earlier, you can make these new elements slightly brighter. Make sure to add just enough shadows to create a readable cartoon fist. Adding too many shape can make the whole thing hard to read.

How To Draw A Fist In Eight Easy Steps

nice work learning how to draw a fist like this one!

Excellent! Now that all steps are completed, you can see the final result below. Learning how to draw a fist was an easy task using this tutorial! Your next challenge could be to sketch another fist using a different angle. Also, don't hesitate to add more effects like gradients, highlights and textures.

How To Draw A Fist In Eight Easy Steps

If you need more help drawing this basic cartoon fist, then you can use the picture found below. This one is featuring all eight steps grouped into a single image.

How To Draw A Fist In Eight Easy Steps

Now that we are done learning how to draw a fist, feel free to try more fun body parts below. You can also try additional lesson from this series here. Enjoy and remember to practice on a daily basis. :)

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